Perhaps you are already familiar with the advantages of using GPS tracking devices on your fleet vehicles, but you still may not be utilizing GPS technology for vehicle fleets to its full functionality, so let’s look at the benefits.

These are the top five applications of GPS fleet tracking devices. Using our GPS technology for vehicle fleets will help you improve efficiency, save time and reduce costs, thus resulting in higher profits for your fleet business.

  1. Directions: The #1 reason fleet managers and owners use GPS fleet tracking devices is the step-by-step navigation. This ensures fleet drivers get where they are supposed to be, on time, and using the shortest, most cost-effective route. Many drivers used to get lost before GPS as it took time to read written directions and maps (which was a dangerous distraction for drivers,) resulting in costly missed directions and late deliveries that tainted the company’s reputation. GPS tracking technology ensures accurate, reliable customer service, efficient fuel use and minimum drivertime.
  2. Route Auditing: GPS tracking devices let fleet managers see the route history. This affords them the ability to review the route data and make changes to avoid accidents, construction, and traffic congestion. The result is improved efficiency. Route auditing also lets fleet managers see which fleet drivers are straying from their specified route and/or making unauthorized stops. Route auditing can save a lot of driver time and fuel.
  3. Geo-coding: This feature lets fleet managers know the exact time a delivery was dropped off as well as log the GPS location of a product for future reference. If a customer claims not to have received delivery of an order, geo-codingis a record of the exact time and place of delivery. With our GPS tracking solutions you can even send alerts when a vehicle reaches the GPS location. This feature saves countless hours of retracing and unhappy customers.
  4. Geo-fencing: With this advanced GPS fleet tracking device feature, the fleet manager can set “a fence” on where each fleet vehicle is allowed to go. Alerts are sent if a fleet driver takes a company vehicle off route outside the predetermined boundary, when a fleet vehicle exits or enters “the fence”.  This feature can uncover unauthorized vehicleuse and can also show specific time and location of a delivery.
  5. Route Optimization: Your GPS tracking solutions device locates a fleet vehicle’s exact location at any point and time along its delivery route and sends this data to the fleet manager. The manager or dispatcher can then plan ahead for new deliveries, last-minute deliveries and add to the workload of a nearby fleet vehicle. Customer response time is greatly reduced by this data and efficiency and customer approval are greatly increased. Fuel and fleet driver time are significantly saved.

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