Small Business Fleet Tracking

As a small business, staying competitive against larger or more established organizations depends heavily on how you manage the bottom line. For many companies, fleet ownership costs represent a considerable variable on a month-to-month basis. From fuel prices to traffic, a number of factors impact your ability to move products or perform the services your customers demand.


Effective fleet management can provide a hedge against this uncertainty. Fleet Trax is a powerful vehicle tracking system for small businesses that gives you tools to control costs, mitigate risks, maintain compliance and run a more sustainable operation overall.


What Types of Small Businesses Can Benefit from Fleet Trax?

Any business that has its own fleet of trucks, vans, service vehicles or heavy equipment can benefit from using Fleet Trax. Our product is designed to work with fleets of any size and can be easily scaled upwards as your business expands.

Typical customers include construction crews, delivery and trucking companies, utility companies and more. Our product can be adapted to work with mixed fleets and provides an easy way to meet your regulatory compliance guidelines.

We Make Fleet Management Easy

Small business owners often find themselves wearing many hats. Fleet management and asset tracking are important priorities, but they oftentimes eat into your other responsibilities. Some of the ways Fleet Trax can help you with everyday tasks include:


  • Providing real-time asset location data — When you know where your vehicles and equipment are, it means less time spent on the phone with your drivers.
  • Simplifying preventative maintenance — By tracking vehicle mileage, you can plan in advance for the downtime required to perform necessary maintenance and other service work.
  • Making regulatory compliance easy — Fleet Trax saves you hours in audit preparation with built-in reports for compliance with DOT and related regulations.
  • Saving you money on fuel and maintenance costs — Our small business vehicle tracking tools alert you when patterns of reckless driving emerge so you can take corrective action. As a result, our system can reduce your fuel costs by up to 10% and your maintenance costs by up to 20%.
  • Improving your overall productivity — Fleet Trax’s route optimization tool lets you know the fastest way to get your equipment where it needs to go, potentially increasing your productivity by up to 20%.

Reporting Examples

Below are some sample reports you can generate within seconds using our tracking interface:

gps tracking for fleets

(Stop Report)

commercial vehicle tracking

(Idle Report)

fleet monitoring

(Speed Report)

real time truck tracking

(Maintenance Report)

The Perfect Solution for Small Businesses

Fleet Trax’s No Contract policy and cloud-based delivery model make it the ideal fleet tracking solution for small businesses as we earn your business month to month. You will work with a dedicated account manager who will take the time to get to know your business and recommend the right system for your needs.

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