Fleet Tracking for Utility Companies

Utility companies require the ability to respond promptly to customer requests, often in poor weather conditions where safe driving is essential. Our utility vehicle GPS tracking is used by leading power, gas and water companies across the country to regulate driving behaviors, lower risk of liability and deliver the best customer service possible.


The Perfect Management Solution for Mixed Fleets

A typical utility fleet may include service vans, work trucks, telehandlers, scissor lifts and more. Managing a diverse selection of vehicles and heavy equipment requires dedicated tools customized for the task. Fleet Trax makes it easy to monitor and track all of your key assets, even across large geographic areas.

Our product integrates seamlessly with equipment of all types, from all major manufacturers. Cloud-based data storage on our secure server ensures information is organized and accessible, whenever —  and wherever — you need it. Below are some sample reports our systems provide:

gps tracking for fleets

(Stop Report)

commercial vehicle tracking

(Idle Report)

fleet monitoring

(Speed Report)

real time truck tracking

(Maintenance Report)

Mobile Forms

Create advanced forms that work on all mobile devices (iPad, iPhone and Android) for inspections, Bill of Landing, photo captures, customer surveys and signature captures. The data entered into the forms will be uploaded to our cloud server exported to your internal database instantly.



Why Use Fleet Trax?

With our vehicle tracking for utility companies, you can:

  • Serve your customers better In an emergency, shaving even minutes off your team’s response time can help ensure customer loyalty. Through improved location monitoring, you can deploy assets where they need to be with greater efficiency.
  • Keep fuel costs down through proactive management of idling times and optimized route creation Our utility fleet management system provides key insights into driver behavior that makes it easier to identify problems that affect your overhead costs.
  • Simplify preventative maintenance and improve service intervals Fleet Trax alerts you to bad habits such as hard braking, sharp turns and other actions that are not only unsafe, but also accelerate wear and tear on your vehicles. By monitoring hour and mileage on your machines, our system gives you tools to schedule necessary maintenances and other vital services with a minimal amount of downtime.
  • Streamline regulatory compliance and audit preparation Fleet Trax provides E-log systems that can help your fleet stay FMCSA compliant and potentially avoid CSA penalties and fines. In addition, customizable alerts let you know when your drivers are in danger of violation so you can take the appropriate corrective action.
Savings with Fleet Trax

The proof is in the numbers. When you use our GPS vehicle tracking system for your utility company, you can expect to:

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