Optimize and Increase Fleet Productivity with Fleet Trax

Keeping track of ALL your vehicle fleet’s activity can be a challenge. Factors such as drivers taking non-optimized routes to get to their destination as well as making unauthorized side trips on company time can have a drastic impact on how fleet management improves productivity, which is why it is essential to have a GPS tracking system in place to help you manage your fleet more effectively.

How Fleet Management Improves Productivity

Fleet Trax lets you improve your operational efficiency while decreasing your vehicle fleet’s costs by keeping your drivers focused and on track.

With our gps tracking systems, you can:

  • Use 2-way messaging to instantly communicate with your drivers in real-time to receive updates on job statuses
  • Quickly locate a vehicle closest to a job site for last-minute jobs or sudden emergencies
  • Let your dispatch send optimized routes and updates to your drivers so they can focus on the road and get to the job site in a safe and timely manner
  • Address customer and driver disputes with full access to your drivers’ vehicle trail history and timesheet data
  • Use our drag and drop scheduling tool to stay on top of your changing customers, jobs and vehicle drivers


Hold Your Drivers Accountable and Avoid Additional Costs

Establishing a good relationship with your customers and improving fleet productivity is highly dependent on your fleet’s driver safety. Bad driving habits result in poor reputation through word of mouth in addition to unnecessary expenses for your fleet’s operations. With GPS you can hold your drivers accountable and curb behaviors such as:

  • Fast Acceleration
  • Hard Braking
  • Excessive Speeding
  • Sharp Turns
  • Idling Engines


GPS Can Also Build Revenue for Your Company

Save 10% on insurance per month, per vehicle — Fleets that use gps tracking are safer fleets. Drivers are less inclined to go over the speed limit while employing safer driving practices, which drastically lowers the potential risk for an insurance carrier. Ideally, you could be improving fleet productivity by saving an upwards of $25 per vehicle, per month.


Save $140+ on fuel per month, per vehicle — Fleet Trax’s automated idling alert and reports inform you of wasted fuel due to idling. According to the Estimation of Fuel Use by Idling Commercial Trucks study by the Transportation Research Board, trucks on average sit idling for 2 hours a day, which can cost you up to $7 per day, per driver.


Eliminate Personal Vehicle Activity — Fleet Trax’s suite of automated Moving, Geofence and Landmark Reports completely monitor a driver’s personal use of the vehicle. It is simple: less personal use for non-work related errands or side jobs mean less fuel wasted as well as decreasing the potential for an accident occuring after-hours.


Limit Overtime Hours — Overtime is costly. Fleet Trax’s Automated Idling, Stopping and Landmark ID Alerts and Reports notify you when a driver is spending additional time at a job site when the workday has come to an end. Addressing these fleet productivity issues can save you on at least 25 minutes of overtime per day. With some overtime rates going at $21 an hour, fleet tracking can save your payroll $175 per employee, per month.


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