milestoneOne of our favorite things to hear when asking customers for a fleet management review is that they were able to improve the efficiency of their work through the features and functionality our systems provide. Maximizing a company’s operations helps everyone from drivers and dispatch to sales and upper management reach their true potential because there is less stress and concern about each job.

Supporting our customers so they can improve their own customer service is a top goal for Fleet Trax. Milestone Electric provides electrical, HVAC and security support in an ever-growing area, and we are proud to have played a part in their growth and success.

Jimmy Dale Mayfield at Milestone Electric said his company was able to see significant ROI through stronger control of their assets: “GPS tracking has easily cut down on our drivers’ overtime. Before Fleet Trax, some drivers were spending an hour or so at fuel stops — now it’s about 20 minutes on average.”

Avoiding Growing Pains Through Fleet Management

Milestone Electric has had great success over the past few years thanks to their expert staff and quality service. This success led them to introduce a wide range of new services including HVAV and security system support. Expansion is always great news, but for field service companies it comes with a lot more assets on the move and higher demands for those assets to perform at their peak efficiency to meet new customers.

“Fleet Trax helps us to manage our time, our vehicles and our fleet. It actually helped maintain our growth.”


We began working with Milestone Electric in 2007 when they had just 10 vehicles, and now they have grown to more than 150. This has required a lot more in terms of management and monitoring of the fleet and the growing complexity of their operations. Our role in that expansion was to keep things running properly and help Milestone avoid the pitfalls of unnecessary expenses.

“Fleet Trax helps us to manage our time, our vehicles and our fleet. It actually helped maintain our growth,” said Milestone Electric’s Mark Robinson. He tells us that our relationship has allowed him to significantly reduce costs on truck maintenance, labor and vehicle upgrade, as well as improving service times.

And that’s an experience we can provide to new customers.

Delivered Savings for You

If you rode with your team on every service call, they would likely be more efficient in the field. Our goal is to put you in the vehicle with your drivers so you see that efficiency in the field. Through tracking fleets via GPS satellites and routing that information to your dispatch teams, you can have a better understanding of your operation, whether it’s one truck, 1,000 or anywhere in between.

Based on company data and our fleet management software reviews, Fleet Trax is able to deliver significant savings for the average customer:

  • Increased daily deliveries by 20%
  • Modified driver behavior by 90%
  • Reduced overall fuel costs by 10%
  • Reduced vehicle wear and tear by 20%


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