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Our GPS vehicle tracking solutions will help your business reach its fullest potential by providing you with 24/7 access to your fleet. Get real-time updates on your drivers’ location, save on fuel consumption, lessen payroll overtime and cut down on your fleet’s maintenance expenses with our simple and intuitive fleet tracking software. Contact us to get a demo of our systems as well as a customized quote for your fleet today.

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Scalable Fleet Tracking Solutions for Small, Medium and Large Fleets

It doesn’t matter if you are a fleet of 1, 5, or 100 vehicles — our  fleet tracking solutions benefit companies of ALL sizes. Managing your vehicles using our fleet tracking software will allow you to expand your operations through faster delivery times and improved customer service.

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Application Screenshots

Our fleet tracking solutions were designed to be as simple yet detailed as possible. With just a few clicks of a button our fleet tracking software will pull up fleet reports that are precise and easy to read.

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Stop Reports

Find a vehicle’s location and know if it is stopped, idling or moving with our real-time truck tracking.

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Idle Reports

Know if your vehicles have left their engines running while stopped and for how long.

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Speed Report

Maintain your fleet’s safety by verifying your drivers are following the proper speed limit.

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Maintenance Report

Make sure your vehicles are always in top working order with our detailed maintenance logs.

“We have seen a decrease in our fuel costs by better monitoring speeding and idle time. We have the reports for verification and alerts set up to notify us of excesses.”


“Being able to track employee hours more effectively has created a substantial ROI. Now we know exactly when an employee starts and ends their day for accurate payroll.”



Plug-and-Play Trackers

We offer a variety of GPS vehicle tracking solutions including plug in devices. These units come with a full suite of reports with no hard-wired installation required. The device connects to the OBDII port (found in all vehicles manufactured in 1996 or later) located under your dashboard and is immediately ready to be tracked using our web-based software. Our trackers now include advanced diagnostic reporting, too, so you can monitor the mechanical well-being of your vehicle.


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Free 30-Day AOBRD/HOS Log Trial

We offer FMCSA-certified E-Log GPS tracking for businesses and have helped 30,000+ fleets and counting get compliant. Sign up now for a free 30-Day ELD trial and see why drivers prefer our HOS log solutions.


Extra Features

Our GPS tracking devices for fleets go beyond just knowing where your vehicles are. By using the extra tools our fleet monitoring systems provide, you can fine tune your operations in areas you did not know were possible while safeguarding yourself against any potential mishaps.

  • Your support rep will train you on any of our advanced features
  • Most of our additional options come at no extra cost whatsoever
  • New useful features are constantly being added to the lineup

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Diagnostic Reporting

Monitor the health of your vehicles in real-time and identify any potential safety hazards

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Roadside Assistance

Never leave your vehicles stranded in the event of a breakdown with our roadside assistance

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gps vehicle tracking solutions

Fuel Card Integration

Set up user access privileges and custom user profiles for fuel purchases made by your drivers

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IFTA Tax Reporting

Calculate accurate and verifiable IFTA-compliant state mileage reports for all of your vehicles

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Satellite and Cellular Trackers

We provide both satellite and cellular coverage so your trackers get the best reception

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Open API Key

Integrate our systems with other 3rd-party system reports for an even more detailed fleet overview

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Take a Tour of Our Systems

Our award-winning web-based software sets the standard in location tracking and advanced reporting. This video will show how to generate speeding and driver safety reports in just a matter of seconds.


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Every fleet is different, and there are many variables that go in to finding what  fleet tracking solutions are right for you. Request more information today so one of our reps can analyze your fleet and find a solution that fits your business the best. We will schedule a demo of our tracking systems as well as provide you a customized quote.

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