Customer Spotlight – Milestone Electric

Milestone Electric™ started out as a small company with around 10 vehicles, but with the help of GPS fleet tracking they were able to expand their operations to a fleet of 150+. Watch their success story and see how Fleet Trax can help you grow your business and realize its true potential.

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Easy-to-Learn Systems

“I’m not the best with technology, but the user interface here is as easy as it gets. Vehicle reports are right on time and simple to read, and other features like geofences are a cinch to set up.”

-Al Chaney, Glenwood Beer Distributors

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Saved on Maintenance

“GPS assures our drivers are following the speed limit and other driving safety protocols. The wear and tear our vehicles take over time is kept to an absolute minimum.”

-Hugh Shields, Gold Coast Eagle

gps fleet tracking system reviews

Increased Driver Morale

“Our company now saves AT LEAST 10% on fuel expenses per month, and we take that extra money and distribute it among our drivers as a bonus for their adherence to protocol.”

-Travis Johnson, Pro Oilfield Services

gps fleet tracking reviews

The Units Pay for Themselves

” Fleet tracking has really cut down on unnecessary costs like excessive speeding and idling engines. These savings alone have easily paid for the cost of the units themselves as well as monthly charges. “

-Robert Zogbi, Select Energy Services

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Saved on Overtime

“GPS tracking has easily cut down on our drivers’ overtime. Before Fleet trax, some drivers were spending an hour or so at fuel stops — now it’s about 20 minutes on average. “

-Jimmy Dale Mayfield, Milestone Electric

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Maintains a Healthy Fleet

“Diagnostic reporting is a very useful tool. I can get reports on battery voltage and oil levels, and these readings help us make sure our vehicles are in the best shape possible.”

-Josh Walton, EXSIF


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