Industry Applications

Fleet Trax is a powerful fleet management tool that can be customized and configured to meet the needs of any business that relies on their own trucks, vans or heavy equipment. Using GPS technology and cloud-based data storage, our products solve the problems of distance and data management that cost you money and impact your productivity.

Fleet tracking for businesses make your operations more fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly, less susceptible to risk and, ultimately, more competitive. Below are some sample reports our tracking systems offer:

gps tracking for fleets

(Stop Report)

commercial vehicle tracking

(Idle Report)

fleet monitoring

(Speed Report)

real time truck tracking

(Maintenance Report)

What types of Businesses Use Fleet Tracking Systems?

Our fleet tracking tools can be used for businesses of any size. Some of the industries served include:

    • Construction crews — Construction crews can use our tracking systems to access up-to-the-minute location and utilization data for their entire fleet of heavy equipment and other assets. Our products help you keep maintenance costs and overhead expenses to a minimum, while providing after-hours monitoring and alerts that greatly reduce the risk of theft.In everything from residential construction to roadwork, our products use GPS-based technology to provide you with the information you need to manage your fleet more effectively, no matter where you are.
    • Trucking companies — Trucking is one of the key industries that use fleet tracking to reduce costs and maintain regulatory compliance. Fleet Trax helps improve driver safety by monitoring for rapid acceleration, hard turns, aggressive braking, seat belt use and other issues. Our product also features built-in reporting and alerting tools that simplify E-log management for DOT and HOS audits.
    • Delivery companies — Fleet Trax has been proven to help delivery companies increase their productivity by up to 20% each day. We do this through route optimization and helping you identify bad driving habits that can potentially lead to an accident. When you know more about where your trucks are and how they are being used, you can be proactive about scheduling deliveries and managing downtime.
    • Utility companies — Utility company asset management is another prime application for our fleet management systems. Our product offers tools for managing a mixed fleet of trucks and heavy equipment and for scheduling maintenance accordingly. Using our advanced location tracking, your fleet can respond more effectively in an emergency while keeping day-to-day costs as low as possible.

    Other issues we can help with include tax reporting, roadside assistance, theft and vandalism reduction and more. Whatever the most pressing problems affecting your fleet include, there is a good chance Fleet Trax will be a beneficial investment for your organization.

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