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5 Core Benefits of GPS for Truck Drivers

Truck drivers are a special breed.

There are a lot of sacrifices involved. You sacrifice family time. Sometimes, you sacrifice your health.

Aside from the sacrifices, truckers also have to contend with specific dangers on the road. It’s no wonder then why many consider truckers as modern-day cowboys.

Given the challenges truck drivers face, it has become more and more important for trucking companies to invest in their drivers’ well-being. One way to do that is through fleet monitoring aka GPS tracking.

Let’s take a closer look at the top 5 benefits of GPS for truck drivers.

1. Driver Safety

GPS tracking doesn’t just benefit fleet managers. If a truck driver gets into an accident, the company can immediately send someone to help out.

This is because monitoring is done in real-time. Finding the exact location is also not a problem since GPS tracking covers that information.

Another way GPS for truck drivers increases safety is accountability. Since drivers know they are being tracked, they will take care not to over speed, brake too hard or do anything that will cause accidents.

Some companies even reward their best drivers, which of course, reinforces good driving behaviors.

2. Driver Productivity

With GPS, truck drivers can maximize their productivity by taking the most efficient routes and minimizing fuel consumption. If he or she happens to be the closest driver around based on the client’s location, it’s easier for him or her to get to the customer in the least amount of time.

The more a driver becomes familiar with the workings of the fleet monitoring system, the more he or she is able to enhance his or her performance.

3. Easy Documentation

Another benefit of GPS for truck drivers is the elimination of paper logs. The long hours on the road doesn’t really give drivers extra bandwidth to perform tasks such as tracking everything by hand. Imagine being tired and having to write down all the breaks you took, your total hours for the day and so on.

With computer logs, everything is tracked so drivers aren’t forced to do runs when they’re already dead tired. They’re also a good way to keep drivers honest. It’s harder to log in more hours when the system shows how long (or short) someone has been on the road.

4. Better Road Awareness

It’s no secret that America’s facing a shortage when it comes to truck drivers. To help fill the gap, trucking companies are hiring more and more immigrants.

That said, someone who’s not very familiar with the roads yet can really benefit from using GPS. Even if he or she misses a turn, GPS will automatically recalculate the route. It can also prove indispensable in less than ideal driving conditions (e.g. bad weather night driving, low visibility, and so on).

5. Job Security

Since fleet tracking helps drivers become safer and more productive, it can reduce operating costs, which in turn leads to more profitability.

More profit equals more stable jobs. When everyone is happy with the bottom line, it’s easier to promise job security.

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