Truckers should never be taken for granted.

There are a lot of sacrifices they make to be on the road for hours on end, which can ultimately take a toll on their health. Time spent away from family, exhaustion, anxiety and depression are but a few of the issues they can face while on the job. Add to that the threat of bad weather conditions, reckless drivers, and even being held up at gunpoint, and then you being to realize just how dangerous of a job being a trucker really is.  It’s no wonder why many consider truckers to be the modern-day cowboys of this era.

Given all these challenges truck drivers face on a daily basis, it has become more and more important for trucking companies to invest in their drivers’ well-being. One way to do that is through fleet monitoring GPS tracking.

Let’s take a closer look at the top 5 benefits of GPS for truck drivers.

1. Driver Safety

GPS tracking doesn’t just benefit fleet managers. Establishing a driver safety program using your drivers’ vehicle history can help address poor driving habits and address them appropriately. GPS for truck drivers will also help your drivers take accountability for their actions as they will be more conscious of their driving behavior. Since drivers know they are now being tracked with GPS tracking, they will take greater care not to go over the speed limit, brake too hard or do anything that might cause an accident.

We also offer roadside assistance in the unfortunate event your driver’s vehicle breaks down. Coverage for hotel stays is also provided if any extensive repairs need to be made to the vehicle while your driver waits.

2. Driver Productivity

With GPS, truck drivers can maximize their productivity by taking the most efficient routes and minimizing fuel consumption. If he or she happens to be the closest driver around based on the client’s location, it’s easier for him or her to get to the customer in the least amount of time.

The more a driver becomes familiar with the workings of the fleet monitoring system, the more he or she is able to enhance his or her performance. Some companies even reward their drivers every month by distributing the money saved on fuel consumption among the drivers as a bonus. This not only reinforces good driving behavior but also boosts morale among the drivers themselves.

3. Easy Documentation for ELDs

Another benefit of GPS for truck drivers is the elimination of paper logs entirely. With the ELD mandate looming on the horizon, truckers are going to need an e-log system that has an easy learning curve and is intuitive to use.

Unfortunately most fleet managers are going to wait until the last moment to get ELD compliant, which is why it is best to use a system that you can train your drivers on in a short amount of time with the least amount of resistance. Our e-logs emulate the paper logs truckers have used for decades now so they don’t have to fumble through a clumsy interface trying to figure things out.  Our FMCSA-certified electronic logs will also help streamline routine inspections  with checklist items that cover most inspection requirements.

4. Better Road Awareness

It’s no secret that America’s facing a shortage when it comes to truck drivers. To help fill the gap, trucking companies are hiring people with less driving experience as well as immigrants.

GPS tracking can obviously help people who are not familiar with certain areas and roads get to where they need to be. Our route optimization feature will ensure they also take the safest route to their destination while taking into account contingencies such as traffic and poor weather conditions.

5. Job Security

With the ability to complete more jobs in a day and monitor spending with features like fuel card integration, fleet tracking can reduce costs for your overall operations, which in turn will lead to more profitability.

More profit equals more stable jobs. When everyone is happy with the bottom line, it’s easier to promise job security and increase the confidence of your workforce.

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