When you send your fleet out, you know they’ll arrive at their destination in due time. Have you ever wished you could gain more insight into their driving behaviors?

With GPS fleet tracking, you can.

This allows you to see the moves your fleet drivers make in real time with detailed reports that show you behaviors like speeding, hard braking and hard turns. Of course, this can be a costly investment, so you may be reluctant.

To help make your decision easier, we’ve rounded up five reasons GPS fleet tracking is a worthwhile investment.

1. Better Productivity and Customer Satisfaction

Drivers must take breaks, that goes without saying. However, some drivers dawdle and get off track by taking longer breaks than they should which can delay the time your vehicles arrive at their destination. This can drastically affect customer satisfaction which in turn can tarnish your company’s reputation.

GPS tracking allows you to keep a figurative eye on your employees’ vehicles so you will know where they are at all times. If a vehicle is lagging behind, you can contact that employee and figure out why. This keeps productivity at an all-time high as customers will get their goods faster and more consistently with more jobs being completed in a day.

2. Easier Record-Keeping

Fleet Trax let’s you combine all of your important vehicle data into one place for easy record keeping. With GPS fleet tracking, you can have access to your entire vehicle history with information on maintenance records, IFTA tax reporting, fuel usage and more. Service forms and log sheets also let you cut down on all the unwieldy and time-consuming paperwork so your data is easily accessible and manageable.

3. Better Safety for All Drivers

You’ve trained your fleet drivers to be the best they can at what they do. This means obeying speed limits, being courteous to other drivers, and ALWAYS using their turn signal and making sure they have the right of way.

Yet sometimes drivers don’t always follow the rules.

Without GPS, you would have no way of knowing — that is, unless the driver gets pulled over. GPS tracking will show you if a driver is speeding too often, idling and wasting gas, or braking too hard. You can then review their driver report cards and see if any disciplinary action needs to be taken.

4. Fewer CO2 Emissions

In this day and age, every company tries to do their part to go green. As a fleet trucking service, you are especially conscious of the emissions your trucks release.

Idling engines are one of the biggest issues facing vehicle fleets across the country. Not only are companies losing money on wasted fuel, but it’s an environmental hazard, too.

The longer a truck sits running, the more C02 emissions it releases into the atmosphere. Our vehicle reporting and advanced routing features can you help you go green by eliminating engine idle time and reducing fuel consumption.

5. And The Last and Most Important Reason to Consider GPS Fleet Tracking — Increased Revenue

As previously mentioned, one major way you can save money with GPS tracking is maximizing your fleet’s fuel efficiency. In addition, you will see better productivity with more business and happier customers overall. GPS can also provide you with diagnostics on the health of your vehicle so you can be assured your fleet is in top shape.

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