Fleet Tracking for Delivery Companies

Managing the logistical challenges of running a delivery company demands sophisticated tools and software. As a fleet manager, you require up-to-the-minute data to make informed decisions and mitigate risks effectively. That is where Fleet Trax comes in. Our flagship product provides GPS tracking for delivery companies as well as a full suite of reporting and management tools that make your job easier.


How It Works

Fleet Trax provides 24/7 monitoring for your entire fleet of delivery vehicles. This lets you know where your trucks are, how they are being driven, when maintenance is required and more. As a result, you willl gain more control over your fleet, reduce the amount time spent on paperwork and eliminate other tedious tasks that add bloat to your operation.


Benefits of Fleet Vehicle Tracking for Delivery Companies

The more you know about where and how your vehicles are being used, the more successful your operation will be. With vehicle tracking, you can:

  • Reduced fuel and maintenance costs — Fleet Trax alerts you when drivers engage in unsafe or inefficient behavior, such as speeding, hard braking or aggressive driving. These and other driving habits contribute to increased fuel use and more wear and tear which drive up your operating costs. By tracking vehicle mileage, preventative maintenance can be scheduled more effectively to reduce downtime.Fleet Trax also includes GPS-based route optimization tools so even your best drivers can get to their destination in the fastest time possible.
  • Lower risk of an accident or theft — For delivery companies, GPS tracking can aid in theft prevention. Our systems can be configured to alert you when vehicles are used outside of regular operating hours or beyond specific geographic borders so you can respond faster or notify authorities when an incident occurs.
  • Improved productivity — A fleet that is managed with your tracking systems will be more productive overall. By reducing downtime and simplifying data collection with our simple yet detailed reports, vehicle tracking can help delivery companies meet their goals faster. The numbers tell the story: Fleet Trax users experienced a 20% reduction in maintenance expenses and a 10% reduction in fuel costs, while improving their total number of daily deliveries by 20%.


Additionally for delivery companies, fleet tracking can simplify compliance with DOT and other regulations. We provide hard-wired and smartphone app solutions that make staying compliant passing a safety inspection easier than ever. All data is stored permanently on our secure cloud-based server as well so you can access your vehicle history at any time.

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Given these benefits, it is no surprise that forward-thinking delivery companies are using fleet tracking systems to run more profitable and sustainable operations. To learn more about what Fleet Trax can do for your company, call us at (855) 999-7828 or fill out the form below.