Fleet Tracking for Trucking Companies

Effective fleet management is critical to the success of any trucking company. Fortunately, a wide range of sophisticated tracking and monitoring products are currently available to help you keep overhead costs low and be proactive about managing risk.


Fleet Trax is a powerful GPS-based system that provides intuitive fleet tracking for trucking companies that contains a full suite of reports for vehicle monitoring, regulatory compliance, asset tracking and more.

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Fleet Management Starts with Driver Behavior

Even the most innovative software or technology cannot be effective if your drivers are continuing to work in an inefficient or unsafe manner. Fleet Trax gives you tools to identify and track speed, idling times, fuel consumption and other metrics on a per-driver basis. This lets you know where further training or disciplinary measures are required so you can take action accordingly to curb bad driving habits.


Benefits At-A-Glance

Fleet Trax uses hard data to develop better-trained drivers that substantially lowers unnecessary costs as well as your risk of liability. With our product:

  • Your fuel costs go down — Fleet Trax helps you plan routes more effectively to reduce idling times. It also lets you know when and where drivers are more prone to speeding. As a result, our system has been proven to reduce fuel costs by up to 10%. Trucking companies using our fleet tracking tools have also increased their daily deliveries by as much as 20% with features like route optimization.
  • Your maintenance costs go down — Our trackers helps pinpoint actions that cause damage to engines and other vehicle components. Take braking, for example: hard braking is one of the primary causes of vehicle wear and tear and a major contributor to high fleet maintenance costs. Our product is one of the few GPS tracking tools for trucking companies that alerts you when it detects hard braking and other reckless driving behaviors.
  • Regulatory compliance is simplified — Fleet Trax provides hard-wired and smartphone app tools for managing compliance with DOT, CSA and other regulatory bodies. Our product makes passing an audit easy and provides early warnings when you are at risk of a violation.
  • Lowered Insurance Premiums — You can potentially lower your fleet’s insurance premiums by using Fleet Trax’s monitoring reports to improve overall safety. Many insurance companies provide discounts to businesses that use a tracking system that has the ability to monitor aggressive driving, rapid acceleration, hard turns and other dangerous behavior.

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Innovative Truck Tracking for Trucking Companies

The above are just a few of the many benefits of vehicle tracking with Fleet Trax. To learn more about our systems and the feature they provide, call us at (855) 988-5544 or fill out the form below so a rep can schedule a demo of our product and quote your fleet.