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Any of your assets left at construction sites will oftentimes be unsupervised and prone to theft. In fact, the National Insurance Crime Bureau reports there are thousands worth of heavy equipment stolen each MONTH. Protect your investments and avoid catastrophic losses with our GPS tracking devices for construction equipment.

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Geofence Alerts

Our GPS asset management devices let you create a virtual area by setting  points on a map to form a geometric shape. You will immediately be notified via text or email if any of your vehicles / assets leave the designated perimeter.


Application Screenshots

Our Construction gps tracking systems were designed to be as simple yet detailed as possible. With just a few clicks of a button you can pull up fleet reports that are precise and easy to read.

construction GPS tracking

Ignition Reports

Determine the asset, location and start time through our ignition identification report.

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Landmark Reports

Location reports identify where your equipment is by name and visual reference.

GPS Tracking Devices For Construction Equipment

Maintenance Reports

Track engine hours, mileage and days through the automated maintenance alerts and reports

“Keeping track of our heavy equipment for loss prevention and inventory management is vital. We need to know what we have at each job site at all times.”


“Preventative Maintenance is a big part of keeping our equipment running efficiently. With the scheduled maintenance reminders for engine hours we can easily keep track of that.”


GPS Asset Management


Prevent After-Hours Use

Make sure none of your asset equipment is being used after hours with our GPS asset management systems. Set custom trigger alerts to notify you through text or email if any of your equipment is being used by your employees beyond the designated schedule.


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A reliable construction tracking system not only protects your assets from theft and misuse, but also provides thorough reporting and communication features. Contact us today to get an overview on the different types of GPS construction asset trackers so we can find a solution that will work best for you. We will show you how our construction tracking systems work and provide you with a quote.

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