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Fleet Trackers and E-Logs with No Contracts

We are a fleet tracking company that has more than a decade of experience providing GPS tracking systems for all types of businesses – large and small – with ongoing training / technical support and NO CONTRACTS whatsoever.


Fleet Tracking Systems

Our GPS fleet tracking systems let you monitor your entire vehicle fleet with ease. Fleet tracking can save your business both time and money.

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Asset Trackers

Protect all of your valuable construction assets by tracking their location and preventing unauthorized after hours use.

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Dispatch Solutions

Locate the nearest vehicle to a job site as well as 2-way instant messaging with your drivers using our fleet tracking dispatch solutions.

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ELD/HOS Logs for AOBRD Compliance

Our FMCSA certified E-Log solutions will help your vehicle fleet get compliant fast so you can avoid hefty violation fees and stay on top of the constantly changing DOT laws and regulations associated with the government mandate. We are one of the only GPS fleet tracking companies to offer both hard-wired AND smartphone/tablet solutions.


Different Types of Fleet Trackers

There are different types of fleet trackers that are beneficial for various fleets / situations. Finding the right tracking solutions for your business will maximize the potential benefits our tracking devices can provide for you.

Our fleet trackers include:


Dedicated Account Managers for Tracking Devices

When you use our fleet tracking solutions, you will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will be your single point of contact to help you with ongoing training and orders for our fleet trackers. They will also keep you up to date on future additions to our interface so you can utilize all of the new gps fleet tracking system features as they are added over time. Contact us to learn more about gps fleet tracking devices today.


Route Planning with Tracking Solutions

Our fleet trackers can provide your drivers with the most accurate and effective commercial vehicle routes that can be optimized using variables such as vehicle size and load types for safety compliance. With fleet gps tracking, your drivers will have a better overall view of the jobs they need to complete within a given period of time which will in turn help refine your daily operations.

At just the click of a button, our tracking devices can generate routes that takes into account traffic conditions, weather forecasts, road construction / conditions and other hindrances that can delay your delivery times. Route planning comes standard with all of our gps fleet tracking devices.

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The Benefits of Fleet Tracking Systems

The benefits of using  fleet tracking systems are numerous. Our GPS systems give you the tools you need to optimize your fleet and avoid unnecessary expenses. With our fleet trackers, you can:



Fleet Tracking Solutions for Dispatch

Our tracking devices let you stay in constant communication with your drivers so you can instantly update them on any job changes.  Using fleet gps tracking with 2-way messaging gives you the ability to send instant messages as well as pre-written canned responses through your tablet and / or smartphone so your drivers will immediately be notified of any job changes or other contingencies.

Features of our gps fleet tracking devices include:


Fleet Tracking Solutions for Industries of All Kinds

Practically any business that uses a vehicle can benefit from our tracking solutions. Whether you run a trucking fleet, a construction business or delivery company, our fleet tracker devices will save you both time and money.

Trucking Companies

Any freight truck hauling precious cargo should be monitored with a gps tracking solution — whether it’s travelling locally or across the country. Equipping each of your vehicles with a fleet tracker will help increase safety, improve productivity and protect your liability.

Utility Companies

Fleet tracking solutions allow utility companies to communicate instantly and directly with their drivers so they can make sure they are on task. Fleet tracker devices can also improve your company’s reputation by making sure you get the job done on time.

Delivery Companies

If you are a delivery company and are not using a gps tracking solution, then you are already behind the competition. Fleet gps tracking let’s you get from point A to B faster so you can make more deliveries in a day while saving time and money on your operations.

Construction Companies

GPS fleet tracking devices can help keep tabs on your expensive construction equipment by using fleet tracker devices that ping you once or multiple times a day. GPS fleet management also let’s you set boundaries on a map with geofence alerts in the event your equipment leaves a designated area.


The Fleet Trax Guarantee

As one of the leading GPS fleet tracking companies in North America, we guarantee your fleet will become more efficient with gps fleet management by utilizing the many features of our fleet tracking systems. With a 98% customer retention rate, our fleet tracking products benefit companies of all sizes.


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When choosing a GPS fleet tracking provider, it is important that your tracking system offers advanced features and functionality in addition to being affordable. GPS fleet management can give you complete control over your daily operations, and with new features constantly being added to our fleet tracker devices, your business will grow as our technology evolves. Contact us today or call us at (855) 999-7828 so we can schedule a demonstration of our fleet trackers as well as a quote for your fleet.

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“Our vehicle maintenance costs have gone down drastically with GPS. Your fleet trackers have eliminated side trips that our drivers used to make ENTIRELY.”


“One of our vehicles was stolen and the power cable to the unit was cut, but the backup battery kicked in and the authorities got our trucks back.”




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About Fleet Trax

Fleet Trax is one of the leading gps fleet tracking companies in North America. Since 2002, we have been offering gps tracking for fleet management to different trucking companies across the nation. As the technology for fleet trackers has evolved exponentially, so have the benefits companies can experience when they use our gps fleet tracking system.

In addition to selling some of the most advanced AND affordable gps fleet tracking solutions around, we also offer some of the best customer service in the fleet tracker industry. You will be assigned a dedicated account manager to help you with gps fleet management and any future orders you need to make as your business grows over time.

When you use gps tracking for fleet management with Fleet Trax, you will not be bound by any multiple year contracts. We earn your business each and every month, ensuring you will always be satisfied with our gps fleet tracking solutions.