We are one of the leading GPS providers in North America

Fleet Trax provides top-of-the-line vehicle fleet tracking management systems with premiere customer service. As an industry leader, we make it our goal to provide you with affordable fleet GPS prices for your business. Fleet tracking using a GPS system easily pays for itself by cutting waste, reducing fraud, lowering costs and increasing customer loyalty. It provides fleet managers with the tools they need to solve problems hindering their operations and deliver substantial ROI.


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We Are A No Contract Company

This makes us the perfect choice for seasonal companies who want to reduce their truck tracking system costs.

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Dedicated Account Managers

Every client gets a dedicated account manager who serves as your single point of contact for ordering and training on our product.

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We will never purge your data

Retrieving your drivers’ data comes at no extra cost as you will have a lifetime of online access to your entire GPS history.

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We Cater to All Businesses with Vehicles

We serve all industries that maintain a fleet or manage construction equipment. Trucking/oil companies, distributors, heavy construction projects, cab services and any business that dispatches installation vans or repair trucks can benefit from our technology. Get the solutions and fleet GPS prices you are looking for by contacting us today.



Your Success is Important to Us

Every vehicle is a huge asset, and every driver represents major overhead, so it only makes sense to reach for every advantage. Our fleet GPS pricing and solutions can be customized to your needs and help to save your fleet from unneccesary expenses. Contact us today so we can schedule a demo of our systems and customize a solution specific to your business’ needs.

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