On-Demand Reporting for Smart Fleet Managers

Fleet Trax has rolled out a new user interface for our Fleet Manager Reporting System. This interface puts more information at managers’ fingertips than ever before, providing vital information which can be used to optimize fleet performance. Managers may schedule reports or pull them on demand and can choose between CSV, PDF or HTML formats. These reports are displayed simultaneously and organized with tags.

Vehicle Status Reports

Find out what your vehicles were doing at any date, time, and location. This report tracks the following vital data points:

  • Ignition On & Off
  • Travel Start & Stop
  • Drive and Idle Time
  • Driver Login
  • Geofence Entries and Exits
  • Rapid Accelerations
  • Hard Brakes
  • Sudden Stops
  • Hard Turns
  • GPS On/Off

Driver Safety

Find out if your drivers are acting in accordance with company policy and with the law. Counsel your workforce to create a better, stronger team. Identify and train away problematic driving behaviors to reduce accidents and improve the company image. This report tracks everything from speed limit compliance to seat belt usage.



Landmark Report

Get alerts the moment vehicles reach important locations, from the delivery destination to company facilities. Managers may create as many landmarks as they like, while verifying the amount of time spent at each location. Identify wasted time, confirm that deliveries were received on time and as reported, and make sure all drivers are where they are supposed to be when they are supposed to be there.

Speed Report

This report will compare GPS location to posted speed limits and help managers easily identify whether drivers are speeding. It will also help managers note problematic locations (if every driver speeds along a certain stretch of highway, for example, the issue may be traffic conditions rather than non-compliance).



Vehicle Diagnostics

Maintenance planning has never been easier. Learn the status of all major systems including breaks, coolant, oil pressure, and more. Keep your vehicles safe, sound, and running smoothly while avoiding unexpected breakdowns.


When the condition of your cargo relies on the temperature of your vehicle the temperature report helps to prevent spoilage. Three discreet temperature zones monitor the safety of perishables.


Fuel Card Use Report

Spend less on fuel by viewing all fuel card transactions. This report includes MPG and odometer reading information. This report will flag suspicious transactions so managers can spot overfilling issues. It will also verify the quantity of fuel purchased and alert managers when fuel card and vehicle locations do not match up.


State-by-State Breakdowns

Keep track of fuel taxes on a state-by-state basis. Gain the power to re-route drivers through less expensive states or to manage fueling stops which will avoid or minimize costs in states requiring higher tax payments.

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