GPS Tracking Products for All Types of Industries

At Fleet Trax, we specialize in offering cutting edge GPS tracking products for fleet tracking to any industry that relies on maintaining a fleet of vans, trucks or other vehicles, as well as providing 24/7 monitoring capabilities for construction companies with expensive mobile assets.

Whether you are trying to make your fleet more efficient, keep track of bulldozers or communicate with your drivers, we have the fleet management products that will improve your company’s performance and grow your operations. Call us at (855) 999-7828 for more info.

fleet tracking products


fleet management products

Fleet Tracking GPS Products

Monitor your vehicle fleets with advanced reporting features and system alerts. You will be able to save money by optimizing your routes, using fuel more efficiently and eliminating costly and inaccurate paper-based record keeping. Our products for fleet tracking will  give you more control over managing your drivers and making sure they are on task and on time.

Asset Trackers

Sturdy units with weatherproof casing ping you 1 or 5 times a day while preventing unauthorized use. The costs associated with theft and fraud can be enormous, and our tracking units ensure your construction equipment is being used and deployed when and where it should be. We offer both battery powered trackers and hard wired units solutions.

products for fleets

products for fleet management


Enjoy effortless 2-way communication with your drivers. Keep your drivers moving by viewing and adding daily route stops, get instant alerts the moment deliveries are made, and dispatch drivers closest to the destination so you don’t waste time or fuel.

HOS Logs

Meeting Department of Transportation regulations will safeguard your fleet against hefty fines imposed by the AOBRD mandate. Our hard-wired and smartphone solutions also make log manipulation a thing of the past so you can enjoy a safer fleet with fewer liability issues and accidents. Keeping precise, tamper-proof electronic logs with our hard-wired/Smartphone EOBR solutions has never been easier.

fleet tracking products


Call (855) 999-7828 for More Info on Fleet Management Products

Our fleet tracking products were designed by industry professionals to solve some of the most pressing issues in the business. They provide actionable intelligence which you can use to manage your fleet better. They also eliminate paperwork, which means you get to run a leaner, more efficient staff.

You’ll reap the benefits in reduced costs and increased customer satisfaction, and you’ll have more power to monitor and supervise driver behavior. Contact us today and one of our GPS experts will discuss your needs and help you choose the products which are right for your business.

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