Protect Your Drivers and Your Business with our Fleet Driver Safety Tips

Your drivers’ safety should always be a priority for any business that maintains a fleet, especially when a company can be held financially responsible if a driver gets into an accident.  In addition to these avoidable costs, vehicle accidents can also have an impact on your overall operations including:


  • Increased insurance premiums
  • Missed time by your drivers
  • Lost revenue from rescheduled jobs and missed deadlines
  • Poor reputation through word of mouth

Businesses of all sizes can have trouble supervising their drivers or implementing a fleet driver safety program due to lack of resources, but thankfully GPS tracking can identify safety issues and help prevent accidents by utilizing our advanced reporting systems. Fleet management systems can add security to your business by providing you with detailed data from your vehicle that gives you an invaluable insight into your drivers’ activity.


The Biggest Threat to Driver Safety and Your Fleet? Hard Braking

Not all tracking solutions offer hard braking alerts. Drivers braking suddenly can have drastic consequences for your fleet if an accident occurs, which is why you must eliminate poor driving habits at the source by modifying driver behavior. Our GPS tracking systems record when a driver decelerates faster than a certain threshold, which is a surefire indicator hard braking is occurring.  Having this information provides several benefits, including:

Aggressive Driving – If your driver is making continuous hard breaks throughout their route, it is more than likely they are driving their vehicle aggressively. Tailgating, sudden stops at intersections and other unsafe driving habits result in collisions more often than not. You can easily implement a driver safety program with our systems by monitoring and modifying these aggressive driving behaviors.

Preventative Maintenance – Vehicles are an expensive investment, and you should be concerned with getting the most out of them during their lifespan. Hard braking is a primary cause of vehicle wear and tear which will require more frequent repairs and increased maintenance fees.

Fuel Costs – Hard braking also affects fuel consumption. You want your drivers to be driving at a steady speed and slowing down gradually to get the best mileage out of your vehicles.


Fleet Driver Safety Tip: Curb Poor Driving In Real-Time, Right Now

Our fleet management systems can immediately notify you when unsafe behaviors happen in the moment that could easily put pedestrians and drivers themselves in harm’s way. These notifications, in addition to hard braking alerts, include:

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