The Benefits of Fleet Tracking

Our fleet tracking systems can revolutionize your business as you steadily improve your workforce operations. GPS tracking for fleets has many benefits such as vehicle compliance checks, a reduction in fuel costs, closer monitoring of driver activities and the ability to analyze the health of your fleet.

fleet complaince checks

Daily Deliveries

Increase your overall daily deliveries by 20% with our GPS route optimization feature

benefits of GPS tracking for fleets

Driver Compliance

Modify your drivers’ behavior by 90% to improve safety and eliminate unnecessary expenses

importance of vehicle tracking system

Fuel Expenses

Reduce your overall fuel costs by 10% by removing factors such as idling and speeding

gps fleet tracking advantages


Reduce the wear and tear of your vehicle by 20% with safer driving practices

gps fleet tracking benefits


No Contracts Whatsoever

We earn your business each and every month with our NO CONTRACT policy. Most companies will lock you in to a 2-year contract or longer, but with our vehicle tracking systems you can cancel your service with us at any time.


The Proof is in the Numbers

All of the money wasted due to bad driving habits adds up over time, especially without the GPS fleet tracking advantages our systems provide. Our vehicle tracking devices will make your employees more conscious of how fast they drive, how long they take for breaks and other factors which will save you money in the long run.

gps fleet tracking systems benefits

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“One of the biggest GPS fleet tracking advantages is being able to ensure our drivers’ safety by knowing they are following the rules of the road.”


“The importance of vehicle tracking in our industry is absolutely essential, and we would not be able to continue our business operations without it. “



Additional Benefits


benefits of vehicle tracking devices

Green Your Fleet

Run a more eco-friendly fleet and help improve the fuel economy with our tracking systems

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benefits of gps tracking for fleets

IFTA Tax Reporting

GPS fleet tracking let’s you accurately log your drivers’ state mileage hassle-free

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importance of vehicle tracking system

Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance will come to the aid of your vehicles in the event of breakdown

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gps fleet tracking systems benefits


Fleet Manager 3.5

Have a question about the interface? We will train you and offer ongoing support for our fleet management systems whenever you need it. We want you to be entirely comfortable with our systems as well as up to date on the new features as they are added over time.

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