Monitor Your Vehicle Fleet from Any Smart Device


GPS tracking is consistently evolving, and our fleet tracker app enables you to monitor your vehicle fleet from anywhere using your desktop computer, tablet or smartphone device.

You will get the same detailed insight into your fleet’s activities no matter if you are in the office or on the go, and our iPhone, iPad and Android apps all feature full functionality so you can create and manage custom alerts for all of your drivers.

Run a Smarter Fleet

The flexibility of being able to monitor your fleet from anywhere improves your business’ productivity through better service. In today’s convenient technological age, the customers’ expectations are greater, which is why modernizing your fleet is an absolute priority.

With our fleet tracker application, you can seize new opportunities for growth by:


  • Increasing the number of service visits your drivers make per day
  • Receive alerts and send updates back to headquarters from a job site
  • Send work orders and confirm that your drivers have accepted and or completed a task
  • Send driving directions with route optimization to your drivers for their next assignment
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Stay in Control with Our smart Application

Our fleet tracker app will keep you updated on all of your fleet’s behavior in real-time with the ability to:

  • Set alerts for driver behavior such as rapid acceleration, hard braking and sudden stops
  • Locate individual drivers or groups on the fly
  • Access a variety of reports including speed, ignition, idle and summary
  • Create geofences, vehicle landmarks and maintenance reminders for oil and battery changes, tire rotations and any other issues that may be overdue
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(Fleet Reports)



“Your field service application has allowed us to refine our operations through all of the little features your systems provide.”

Fleet Trax Forms

Our custom forms eliminate tedious paperwork both at the office and at job sites. You can create as many forms as you need from the administration portal that can help in speeding up your approvals process as well as organizing essential information you need to keep your business running at a consistent pace.

(Form Example 1)

(Form Example 2)

Driver Score Cards

Just like a report card, our driver score cards will rate your driver’s behavior based on their actual  driving habits. Get an accurate assessment of their practices like speeding, braking, idle time and mileage driven to see where improvements need to be made.

Contact Us Today for More Information

Being able to unify your team from a wider perspective through our fleet tracker application will improve the transparency of your workforce operations. Call us today at (855) 999-7828 or fill out the form to below so we can schedule a demo of our systems and provide a quote for your vehicle fleet.