Limit Idle Time and Reduce Fleet Fuel Costs

Limiting engine idling time has become a common objective for fleet managers, whether they want to reduce fleet fuel costs or abide by corporate initiates to limit the emissions of harmful greenhouse gas. While certain factors like traffic conditions make it almost impossible to eliminate idling entirely, GPS tracking can help dampen the impact by reducing fuel consumption, maintenance costs and other avoidable expenses.

For fuel alone, engine idling can easily burn up more than half gallon worth of gas PER HOUR based on the vehicle’s engine type and whether or not the air condition is running. Money-wise,  excessive idling can cost you around $0.12 every 5 minutes, which can result in THOUSANDS of dollars spent needlessly on fuel .

Idling Engines Increase Maintenance Expenses

Vehicle engines perform the best while running at a steady pace. Highway driving is perfect for cruising speeds which leaves the engine operating at its prime temperature, which allows the fuel to combust completely.


When your drivers let their vehicles idle extensively, the engine cannot reach its optimal temperature and cylinder pressure. Fuel will not combust fully under these conditions and may put your vehicle at risk for maintenance issues such as:

  • Engines contaminated by oil and sludge
  • Extensive engine wear
  • The need for premature spark plug replacement
  • More carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions

How We Can Help

Fleet fuel management through GPS tracking can help you manage your fuel and maintenance expenses by monitoring idling engines and vehicle speed. By observing and modifying your drivers’ behavior, you can:

  • Save 10% or more in fuel costs using our route optimization feature
  • Reduce your vehicle maitnenance expenses
  • Comply with anti-idling laws and avoid hefty fines
  • Limit harmful vehicle emissions by greening your fleet

Fleet Fuel Cards

Save on fuel expenses even further with our fuel card integration. Fleet fuel cards let you manage your fuel expenses by streamlining purchases, controlling fuel costs and giving you a history of fuel purchases made by your drivers. Customized spending options protect you against fraudulent spending and limit the amount of fuel your drivers can purchase. You can also use your vehicle tracking system to set landmarks for the closest participating gas stations that will accept your fuel card.

Fleet fuel cards can shine a light on your expenses and let you know where you need to make proper budget adjustments , and they actually make fueling up for your drivers easier so they can get back on the road faster.


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