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How a Vehicle Tracking System is Improving Public Transportation

Public transportation can be a nightmare.

Late buses, hard to follow route maps, long walks to get to a stop. One of the best ways to make this whole process easier, more efficient, and cheaper for the city? A vehicle tracking system.

By monitoring your cities bus fleet with a vehicle tracking system you can reduce fuel cost by up to 13.2% You can also assist passengers with updates about delays and schedule changes.

Here, we’ll go over each of these benefits and the types of trackers out there.

Using A Vehicle Tracking System to Reduce Fuel Costs

Tracking your fleet is the best way to reduce fuel costs.

Using a GPS tracking system gives you tons of information on what your drivers are doing and what they can do better. Speeding and excessive idling are two major factors in fuel waste. Both of these metrics can be tracked with the system.

You can also track every turn the drivers are making. You may see a different option that can save time on a route! This will lead to better fuel mileage.

Utilizing Trackers to Keep Your Passengers Up To Date

Offer a subscription service to your passengers.

With this technology, you give the drivers a tool to tell you and your passengers of slow downs on the route. So, if Benny on Route 203 takes a wrong turn, people further down the line can be notified.

If that wrong turn cost the route five minutes, it’s easy to send out a text or email to the subscribers for that route. Have you added additional stops along Route 12? Text those subscribers to let them know where to find the new stop.

You can also track that your drivers are stopping at the new stop location.

What Kinds of Vehicle Tracking Systems Are Available?

Plug and Play Tracking Systems

These models are easy to use and transfer from vehicle to vehicle. They also won’t void a warranty. They will give you all the same information as a hard wired system but can easily be removed by the driver.

These are available for light-duty type vehicles only. When you get into the larger commercial vehicles you’ll need to go for a hard wired model.

Hard Wired Systems

These systems are hard wired into the computer of the vehicle. They are extremely discreet and they can be very well hidden.

They work in all vehicles that already have a battery. They will give you all the results of the plug and play and more with available integration with 3rd party devices (driver ID’s, Garmin, etc.) These are not designed to be removed so you would have to purchase a unit for each vehicle you wish to use it on.

You can get either of these types of systems with a professional tracking systems provider.

In Conclusion

Are you ready to take your public transportation fleet to the next level? A GPS vehicle tracking system could be your next step.

Make sure you reach out to a reputable provider to get your devices. Start saving on fuel and helping your passengers today!

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