Geofencing is one of the more advanced features of our GPS fleet tracking systems that can improve your business’s security and productivity in more ways than one.  Geofences for fleets allow you to set a perimeter inside an area where a vehicle is allowed to travel and alert you when that boundary is crossed.

The geofence can be any shape and size, whether you are drawing a perimeter around a jobsite, district, city, or even an entire county. So how will this benefit your business? Here are four ways GPS  geofencing for fleets can help improve your fleet’s overall productivity:

  1. Arrivals and Departures from Job Sites It is essential that your drivers arrive at a job site on time. If you use our fleet tracking system, there will be no need for a time card solution. Geofence alerts for fleets  will notify you when an employee enters a job site and gives you an exact time for when their work begins. This will eliminate the need for going through the rounds of clocking in or filling out a time sheet. Geofencing for fleets also prevents your fleet vehicles and other expensive equipment from being used without prior authorization. An alert will be sent to you whenever a vehicle leaves the area you have set so you can keep a close eye on all equipment being used during work hours.
  2. Payroll Records Never go through the hassle of keeping track of hours worked with timesheets or timecards again. Geofencing gives you the advantage of automatic and paperless timekeeping by recording accurate logs of time spent at each job location.
  3. Liability and Responsibility You can prevent having to pay money for damaged vehicles and equipment or, worse yet, a lawsuit by monitoring after hours use with geofence alerts for fleets. This will keep your insurance premiums at an all-time low and save you even more money in the long run.
  4. Security You will never have to worry about the safety of your equipment again. Our GPS fleet tracking devices combined with geofence alerts will let you know immediately when a vehicle or piece of machinery is leaving your job site without prior authorization. In case of a theft you will be given the exact GPS location data which will allow the authorities to hone in on the signal and respond as fast as possible.

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