Truck fleet management plays an integral part of any business with vehicles in this day and age. There are so many aspects to fleet management like maintenance scheduling, reducing unnecessary driving / idling times, precise record keeping and other responsibilities that the possibility for something going wrong is almost inevitable.

With your truck fleet being the lifeblood of your business, any unforeseen contingencies can mean lost time and money which can have a detrimental affect on your productivity and reputation.

This is why many turn to fleet management for a more sophisticated truck fleet. GPS tracking essentially puts you in the passenger’s seat of your vehicles so you can help guide your drivers wherever they are with features like route planning, driver behavior reports and event alerts.

Read below as we go into more detail about the many benefits of truck fleet management.

Total Information

Truck fleet managers should be constantly looking for new and better ways to accomplish tasks.

While it is easy to follow the same old routine and put your operations on cruise control, a true mark of excellence is bringing more creative ideas to the table to improve fleet efficiency and save money on unnecessary expenses like wasted fuel and maintenance.

With GPS tracking, our technology is always evolving to provide you with tools to monitor your truck fleet with and implement strategies that give you true peace of mind.

Good fleet tracking gives you big picture information so you can have a bird’s eye view of your truck fleet’s activity while being alerted to any speeding, idling or hard turn events.

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Any vehicle in a truck fleet is going to require some type of maintenance throughout its lifespan. Flat tires, battery replacements and transmission tune ups are just a few of the procedures that will need to be done at some point, and fleet management with diagnostics can help you keep track of these maintenance needs before they become a serious problem. Our GPS trackers also give you the ability to schedule email / text message reminders for recurring maintenance like oil changes and tire rotations.

Communication with Dispatching Solutions

In order to keep the workflow of your operations running smoothly,  direct communication with your employees is a must. Fleet management allows you to stay in touch with your drivers through 2-way communication using your smartphone or tablet device. Our software archives your conversations so you can easily access any current or past transcripts.

If any of your drivers miss a chat, our fleet management with dispatching solutions can send a notification alert informing them to respond immediately. This combined with job completion notifications means you will always know if your drivers are on time and on task.

Manage Overtime Hours

Overtime may seem unavoidable, but sometimes it is necessary. However, minimizing overtime with GPS tracking can save you a good chunk of money for your truck fleet. With optimized dispatching, smart route planning and power off alerts, you can easily eliminate 2 hours of overtime per week, per vehicle.

Also, an unfortunate truth is that employee time theft plays a big part in overtime hours racking up. It is estimated that time theft costs businesses BILLIONS of dollars annually across the nation. Time sheet verification let’s you run a report to verify where a driver was supposed to be at any given time in reference with their vehicle history.

Good Truck Fleet Management

For good truck fleet management, you need the means to track each vehicle with simple-yet-detailed data. Simply put, if you are not using a fleet tracking system, you are already behind the competition.

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