Fleet Tracking: What It Is and How It Can Benefit You

For busy fleet managers, GPS tracking systems offer a number of important benefits — lower fuel expenses and maintenance costs, improved productivity, a streamlined path to compliance with DOT / E-Log regulations and more.

You will find a wide range of benefits, facts and figures relating to the many ways our products add value to your operation, but what does that look like in practical terms?

GPS Fleet Tracking in Action

A fleet GPS tracking device can make your job much simpler on a day-to-day basis. The video above outlines a common scenario — a rush request at a water delivery company. In these situations, your ability to respond in a timely manner is essential to your operation’s reputation and success.

Between the need to contact your driver, determine the optimized route and stay in communication with the customer, dealing with urgent requests can stretch fleet managers thin, which leads to inefficiency, duplication of effort and, ultimately, decreased profitability.

Fleet Trax makes it easy to respond to rush requests in no time at all. As the video demonstrates, our Field Service Manager app can identify where your trucks are and how quickly they can be dispatched to the customer’s property. The app communicates directly with the driver, adding a new stop to their route and sending detailed navigation information directly to their tablet.

Our GPS fleet tracker automatically logs driver hours to minimize costly overtime and ensure DOT and related regulations are met. At the end of the month, our product takes the data it has collected to provide you with detailed reports that can help you make smarter business decisions. And since we never purge your data, you will always have complete access to your drivers’ history.

It All Starts with a Customer Request

The water truck case study illustrated in the video shows how Fleet Trax’s GPS fleet management system kicks into action the moment a customer request is received. It delivers an instantaneous return on your investment through faster delivery times, fuel savings and more, giving you the power and the data you need to grow in a responsible and productive manner. In addition, many insurance companies even offer discounted rates for fleets that actively monitor driver behavior.

For these reasons and more, Fleet Trax is the most practical GPS choice for your business. Whether you are a utility company, a long-haul shipping operation, a construction crew or anything else with a fleet of vehicles or machinery, you will benefit from our smart, easy-to-use GPS-based management tools.

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