Route Optimization Software

A few extra miles and a few minutes saved here and there may not sound like much, but they add up when you’re talking about a fleet driving around continuously. Fleet route optimization software can deliver big dividends when those extra miles and minutes are accounted for over the course of a month, quarter or year.

Fleet route planning software also takes the planning onus off your drivers. They simply get behind the wheel and follow instruction for the fastest, most effective route possible.

fleet route optimization software

Experience a Greater Return on Investment With our Route Optimization Software

Modern companies choose delivery route optimization software because it increases efficiency and boosts the bottom line. Take advantage of our optimization software for fleets to:

  • Decrease miles traveled: What does route optimization do for your business? Fewer miles driven means less spent on fuel and more time between routine maintenance. This helps you get the most out of your vehicles, maximizing the return on investment you get out of your fleet.
  • Increase productivity: With our route optimization software, your drivers will accomplish more and be able to make greater progress during the work day. This increase in productivity can lead to greater profitability and the growth of your bottom line.
  • Improve service: The ultimate goal of any fleet management tool is to maximize your business and its potential. Taking the most effective routes  with route optimization will lead to shorter delivery times, and your customers will be pleased by the increased productivity.

Using route management software from Fleet Trax is easy, too. Simply enter the stops for the day ahead, then let the software do the calculating. It will identify the most effective and least-trafficked route from stop to stop. You’ll find that more productive drivers equal happier employees, satisfied customers and a thriving business that finds itself on a growth trajectory.

Fleet Trax: Your Go-To Route Optimization Provider

At Fleet Trax, we offer comprehensive fleet management solutions that include more than route optimization software. When you choose Fleet Trax, you gain access to a suite of tools, from tax and compliance reporting to geofencing alerts and roadside assistance. There’s are no contracts, either, as we earn your business, month-to-month. Contact us today for more information on our systems and we will schedule a demo to show you the benefits of GPS tracking.

fleet route planning software