If you want your fleet management business to succeed, you’ll need more than just a great set of truckers. You’ll need the right people to find the right talent.

If you’re not putting thought into recruitment, you’re making a crucial mistake. Businesses that invest in their recruitment often perform better and are more organized.

Therefore you’ll want to really take the time to develop your recruitment team. Read on to learn about driver recruitment and its importance.

The Role of Driver Recruitment in Fleet Management

Below are some of the approaches a fleet manager should take when recruiting reputable drivers for employment.

Analyze Job Requirements and Values

As part of the driver recruitment team, it’s up to you to determine what traits your company cherishes most. Your role is to analyze the fundamentals of what fleet management requires and seek candidates with those qualities.

But before you can hire the perfect team, you’ll first need to come up with your idea of the perfect employee. This template will serve as the basis of your job description later down the road.

You’ll also want to use a bit of foresight to consider what your company may need in the future. This strategy, known as future proofing, can attract — and keep — the best employees for years to come. It’ll also help you build a diverse team with the skills needed to keep up with your competition.

Represent the Company at Public Events

There’s a good chance that your driver recruitment job will take you out of the office and onto the field. It’s also your job to attend events like career fairs and meet applicants in person.

You’ll serve as a company representative. It’s your job to talk up the benefits of the job and convince applicants that your company has the most to offer.

If this sounds almost like a reverse interview, that’s because it is. The fleet management industry is competitive, and it’s paramount that recruiters understand that. Drivers have a choice when it comes to employment, so think about what sets your company apart.

Screen and Interview Applications

Now that you’ve convinced job seekers that your fleet management business is the right fit, you’ll have an influx of applications. Part of recruitment’s job involves screening these applications for relevant skills and experience. You’ll want to keep an eye out for the following:

  • Experience
  • References
  • Longevity (how long a job was held)
  • Familiarity with fleet vehicles
  • Communication skills
  • Timeliness

The screening process is how you’ll choose who is fit to represent your company and who doesn’t make the cut, so read these applications with a critical eye.

It’s also up to you to interview potential employees and get to know them a bit better. Make sure you’re really getting a feel for a candidate and their understanding of the job. It’s important that a candidate understands the significance of DOT compliance, for instance.

A few minutes of research can save your company plenty of potential headaches.

Wrapping Up

There’s simply no denying that recruitment is a critical job. Remember, you’re a representative of your company. The employees you recruit will be a reflection of yourself and your skills as a recruiter.

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