Roadside Assistance

Operating a nationwide fleet is a challenge filled with many risks and unforeseen mishaps, which is why Fleet Trax’s fleet management roadside assistance is a invaluable program in the event of a vehicle breakdown.

Our fleet emergency roadside assistance for trucking fleets covers the following:

roadside assistance for fleets

  • Blown-out or flat tires
  • Unexpected fuel refills
  • Battery jumps
  • Lockouts
  • Winching
  • More


If all else fails, Fleet Trax even offers towing as part of its fleet roadside assistance program. When one of your vehicles it out of commission, your organization is losing time and money. Get your vehicles back on the road again as quickly as possible when you choose Fleet Trax’s roadside assistance for commercial trucks.

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Tracking features and More

In addition to roadside assistance for fleets, Fleet Trax also provides some of the most comprehensive solutions in the GPS industry for trucks, vans and other vehicles. You can save money through proactive maintenance identification and tracking that helps improve fleet efficiency.

Our tools can take on the challenging tasks of proper e-log, HOS, FMCSA, AOBRD and DOT compliance, and you will avoid CSA violations with our advanced reporting systems that cater to fleets of all sizes.

Why Fleet Trax?

If your business uses vehicles for product and service delivery, Fleet Trax offers a suite of tools that will help make management of your fleet as simple and effective as possible.

We offer GPS trackers that display:

Even better, our software helps with complex reporting and tracking information needed for appropriate tax filings and state and federal compliance. Without software from Fleet Trax, the management of a fleet becomes an overwhelming task that requires significant time and human resources. Let us take care of your fleet, from anticipating needs and tracking performance to responding when roadside emergencies strike.

Contact Fleet Trax today for a full  fleet roadside assistance comparison and a quote for your fleet.

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