Repairing your vehicles can be incredibly expensive and, ultimately, avoidable — especially when drivers ignore oil changes and other periodic maintenance. A good fleet manager knows keeping his vehicles in proper working order is going to save him countless dollars in the long run, and our tracking systems allow you to prevent costly repairs later on down the road.

There are four ways our maintenance reports can make sure your fleet is in top condition and lead to fleet maintenance cost reductions:

  1. Maintenance Alerts — Stickers with a date on them may work for your personal car, but trying that approach with an entire fleet isn’t going to be practical. Even Excel spreadsheets require manual data entry to make sure everything is up to date (which leaves lots of room for human error). Our alerts can send you maintenance reminders  through our web-based tracking dashboard, an email message or text to your phone.
  2. Customized Alerts — Each fleet manager is different, and certain vehicle maintenance tasks can be assigned based on a variety of factors. Our GPS devices give you the ability to create alerts for specific dates, miles a vehicle has driven or engine hours on record. Everything is automated, so you can rest assured all log entries are precise.
  3. Note Keeping for Maintenance Records Does synthetic oil work better than natural oil? Just add a note in our web-based application and you’ll be notified with an alert.
  4. Vehicle Reports — Use our real-time reports to assess the status of your fleet and maintenance schedule adherence. Identify non-compliant vehicles and address them before they become a potential problem

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