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API for fleet management

Expand the features and functionality of our tracking devices when you use the API for fleet management from Fleet Trax. Combining our systems with outside reporting applications can give you an even more detailed overview of your fleet’s activities and expenditures.

With Fleet Trax online fleet management software, you can use our open API key to connect databases from outside sources (such as fuel card management, for example) and export that information to other systems. This will help you move vehicle location, performance and other diagnostic data to other systems with ease.

How can an Open API help you better manage your fleet?

Fleet Trax’s fleet management tools and open API key are entirely flexible and will integrate seamlessly into your existing systems so you can:

  • Manage logistics and scheduling for vehicles and drivers
  • Proactively maintain your vehicles and extend their usable lifespans
  • Export reports that fleet managers can use for planning and strategy

When you use Fleet Trax’s fleet management software, the complex yet highly important information that underlies your fleet performance is at your fingertips. Access key data in simplified, understandable formats that fit your unique needs.

fleet manager open API

GPS Data Streaming and other Integrations

Your fleet’s location and status can be accessed and analyzed with GPS data streaming as part of Fleet Trax’s API for fleet management. You can pinpoint fuel levels, engine codes, idling engines and more with our real-time reporting specific to each of your vehicles.

This real-time information streaming opens up a whole new world of opportunity for companies that rely on fleet management — opportunities to increase efficiency, reduce costs and proactively address maintenance needs. Our fleet manager open API features GPS data integration that will fit perfectly into your existing suite of management tools.

Fleet Trax: Your Comprehensive Solution

Our fleet management open API is just one of the many features our customers utilize for their tracking needs. At Fleet Trax, we’re a comprehensive fleet management solution for any company that depends on a vehicle or vehicles for product and service delivery.

We help with everything from compliance and tax reporting to roadside assistance. And best of all: There’s no contract when you choose Fleet Trax as your fleet management software provider. You’ll find tools and resources that streamline your business so you can focus on what matters most: serving customers and growing your bottom line.

Contact us today about our money-saving online fleet management software.

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