With the technology of today, it’s changing the way your truck fleet operates and the way you run your business.

But those changes aren’t just in the present — developing technology is creating a more efficient fleet that will help you manage a better one years into the future.

Read on to learn more about the future of truck fleet technology.

Autonomous Vehicle Technology

Self-driving vehicles have been discussed in the automotive industry for years. In 2016, the ride-sharing service Uber launched self-driving cars in cities like San Francisco and Pittsburgh. Automobile manufacturers are spending time and money to develop and test these vehicles.

But it doesn’t stop at cars.

It’s only a matter of time before they become part of everyday life and are used in other industries like with truck fleets. An aspect of self-driving vehicles is that they are safer than those driven by humans. As a business owner, this can help cut down on the costs of accidents, injuries, and litigation.

Day-to-day in your business, it also gives your employees more time to do things besides drive. This allows drivers to focus on other tasks outside of navigating a vehicle to a destination.


Drones are another form of technology that may change how truck fleets across the world are doing business.

They are being tested by some of the largest delivery companies in the world with positive results. Drones are intriguing to companies that use a last-mile delivery service for their customers.

In 2016, UPS and DHL tested the use of drones to deliver items to customers. Other companies like Amazon.com are also testing drones for use in deliveries for their business.

But one hurdle for commercial drone flights in the United States is that they are currently banned. However, it won’t be too long before this changes as the FAA is now considering the laws that will govern their use.


Remember when the only way to communicate with other drivers on the road was with a CB radio connection?

Cell phone technology has helped the way truckers communicate on the roadway, and pretty soon our own vehicles may be able to ‘talk’ with one another and send signals to warn other drivers of safety hazards such as cars braking abruptly or vehicles stalled further up the road.

But it won’t be just the vehicles in on the ‘conversation’. The technology will also allow your truck to receive signals from traffic lights, work zones and more. With this connectivity, it can help cut down on hundreds of accidents that take place across the nation each day.

Truck Fleet Changes

Technology is changing truck fleets and how you run your business. These technologies will help you improve efficiency and safety, while also cutting back on expensive costs. They will also change the face of your industry and what it will take to remain competitive in the market.

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