With so many recognizable corporations and brands that use vehicles to transport their goods across America, just who among them has the largest fleet of trucks? In 2015, Transport Topics complied a list of the largest private fleets operating in the United States. The list is peppered with popular consumer brands as well as diversified multinational corporations that may be less familiar to individuals. Take a look at the largest vehicle fleets in America and learn more about the many vehicles these corporations use:


1. PepsiCo: In 2015, PepsiCo topped Transport Topics’ list of largest fleets for the second year in a row. The soda maker deployed more than 8,000 tractors, nearly 12,000 trailers and nearly 15,000 straight trucks in operating the largest truck fleet in the world.


2. Sysco: Sysco distributes food products to a number of different commercial operations including restaurants, schools, hotels, hospitals and more. In 2015, it operated nearly 8,000 tractors, more than 9,000 trailers, more than 1,000 straight rucks and a total of 388 pickups and cargo vans.


3. Walmart: Walmart overtook Coca-Cola for third place on Transport Topics’ list in 2015, operating more than 6,000 trailers and more than 61,000 trailers in addition to 106 straight trucks. The Transport Topics list is calculated based on number of tractors, which is why Walmart’s 61,000 trailers do not move it to the top of the list.


4. Coca-Cola: Pepsi tops Coke as the largest truck fleet in the soda industry, but Coca-Cola is not far behind. This iconic brand owns and uses 5,664 tractors and 7,465 trailers. Coca-Cola also uses more than 1,000 straight trucks in its operations.


5. Hailliburton: If you are unfamiliar with Hailliburton, this is a multinational company that focuses on oil field operations. Halliburton deploys exactly 5,637 tractors and 5,637 trailers for it’s everyday operations. Halliburton also uses 1,160 straight trucks around the world.


6. U.S. Foods: U.S. Foods is another business-to-business company that you may not know well, but whose trucks you have no doubt seen on the highway. This food service distributor uses more than 5,000 tractors and more than 6,000 trailers in addition to 333 straight trucks in their daily operations.


7. Agrium: Agrium is a retail supplier of agricultural prodcuts, and it uses nearly 4,000 tractors and nearly 6,000 trailers in its operation. Agrium also owns and operates a staggering 7,627 pickup trucks and cargo vans — a record number for this list.


8. Reyes Holdings: Reyes Holdings is another food service distributor that works with major restaurant chains like McDonalds. Reyes Holdings owns and operates 3,647 tractors and 4,618 trailers.


9. McLane Co.: McLane is a supply chain distributor that delivers goods and products to grocery stores, shops, pharmacies and other outlets. Their operations deploy 3,537 tractors, 5,283 trailers, 305 straight trucks and 9 pickup/cargo vans.


10. Schlumberger Limited: Like Halliburton, Schlumberger is primarily an oil field services company. It uses more than 3,000 tractors and nearly 5,000 trailers in its operations.

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