As a business owner in the transportation industry, there are a good number of challenges facing your vehicle fleet. Traffic, weather conditions and vehicle maintenance are just a few of the obstacles your drivers may encounter while on route to deliver the goods, and your business’s reputation will be on the line if you can’t reach your destination on time. Thankfully our GPS tracking systems give you the edge in foreseeing and overcoming these hurdles so you can manage fleet delivery time and make your customer happy.

How GPS Helps You Improve Customer Service

Our web-based software gives you map and route-planning capabilities that minimize delivery times and can account for unscheduled delivery jobs. Since our systems are continuously tracking your fleet, you can easily figure out which driver is nearest to the requested location and assign them to the job. You can then modify your drivers’ route instantly and give them turn-by-turn directions so he can arrive there in the shortest time possible.

 Advanced Alerts and Reports to Improve Driver Behavior

The alerts and reports at your disposal can notify you and your drivers of excessive speeding, idling engines, staying too long at any given location and off-the-clock side trips. You can use these reports to consult with your drivers and inform them of the improvements they need to make to their driving, which will result in speedier response times and save you money on operations.

Provide Your Customers with Up-to-Date Delivery Information

If there are any contingencies which delay your drivers, our GPS trackers can give you the necessary information to notify your customer ahead of time so they are not left waiting. This will help you establish good rapport with all of your customers and ensure their business for future transactions.

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