Hard-Wired Trackers

gps tracking device for trucking companies

Any fleet manager is focused on finding ways to increase productivity, improve safety and reduce operating costs. That’s the way a business stays ahead of the competition, and Fleet Trax makes achieving those goals possible through our hard-wired GPS tracking devices for trucking companies.

With no binding multiple-year contracts, our solutions are an inexpensive fleet GPS system that provides superior coverage, even in rural areas — up to five times the signal of other GPS companies. Our trackers give you the ability to keep tabs on your fleet vehicles and modify bad driving habits such as excessive speeding, hard turns and idling engines.

Our GPS tracking for fleet trucks is also backed up by premiere customer service. Your dedicated personal account manager will always be there to help you with any training or ordering you may need with our hard-wired GPS tracking device. Between our personalized customer service and the fleet tracking device itself, you gain an invaluable advantage when you utilize our products and optimize your fleet.

What Can This Hard-Wired GPS Tracking Device Do for You?

Our fleet tracking device delivers data on your vehicles that is useful and manageable. At Fleet Trax, we developed our hard-wired trackers to provide information that’s easy to filter, sort and search for by category, which includes:

  • State mile reporting
  • Time sheet for trip times
  • Real-time location
  • Historical vehicle movement
  • Maintenance alerts and reports
  • Color-coded vehicle status
  • Unlimited landmarks
  • Geofencing and real-time alerts
  • Idling times
  • After-hours vehicle monitoring
  • Speed alerts and reports
  • And more

gps tracking for fleet trucks

All of this data is captured from the fleet tracking device in a user-friendly dashboard that’s designed with you and your business in mind. With other integrations like IFTA tax reporting and 2-way communication with your drivers, Fleet Trax is your best option for GPS tracking for fleet trucks.

Why Fleet Trax?

At Fleet Trax, we pride ourselves on offering most effective and comprehensive suite of fleet management tools available. Our systems are contract-free with advanced features like an open API to customize the driver data of your fleet, and we also offer compliance with HOS, e-log, FMCSA, AOBRD and DOT regulations that save you money through cost reduction, efficiencies and mitigation of any fines related to compliance violations.

Call us today at (855) 999-7828 or fill out the contact form below to learn more about the fleet tracking device options we offer.

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