Cutting costs is at the top of most fleet managers’ priorities.

Ongoing issues like maintenance work on trucks and fuel consumption are just a few of the many expenses you can minimize with a GPS tracker monitoring your fleet. With our systems, you can essentially be everywhere at once with your daily operations and make sure all of your drivers are on task and on time.

Read on to learn how a GPS vehicle tracker will help your fleet save money while improving productivity.

A GPS Vehicle Tracker Will Help Cut Fuel Costs

Gas prices rise and fall with varying degrees of uncertainty, but with a GPS tracker in place combined with a fuel card to help you monitor gas purchases, you can stop some of the biggest causes of wasted fuel out there.

There are several factors that affect how much fuel your fleet uses. Some of these include:


Long idling times will burn up a lot of your fuel. However, with a GPS vehicle tracker, you can receive a text message or email alert notifying you of vehicles that are at a complete stop and have their engine running. This information will allow you to take action with specific drivers and modify their driving habits accordingly.

Excessive braking

Nothing will rank up your fuel costs quicker than excessive braking. It is ideal for drivers to maintain a steady speed on the roads they drive on, and unfortunately hard braking can lower your gas mileage by 15-30%. As with idling engines, our GPS tracker will notify you when this occurs so you can then work with your employees on safer driving practices

Erratic or reckless driving

Not only is this type of driving dangerous to your driver and others, it’s also wasteful of fuel. Speeding and quick acceleration can directly impact the amount of fuel your fleet uses. With our driver report cards, you can quickly identify employees who violate the standards of your driver safety program and take disciplinary action as needed.

A Tracker Can Help with Truck Maintenance

Our vehicle diagnostic software can monitor the health of your vehicle so you can rest assured your vehicles are in prime condition. Instantly be notified of pending maintenance issues like worn tires, oil changes, and replacement of parts so you can tend to these issues as soon as possible.

This in turn will help protect your drivers’ safety on the road and save you a substantial amount of money on needless repairs, workers comp and potential lawsuits. Both our hard-wired and plug-and-play GPS vehicle tracker devices come with vehicle diagnostics in addition to the full suite of tracking reports.

Reduce Any Confusion or Mishaps

Have you ever had complaints of shipments that weren’t dropped off on time? Wondered whether or not your drivers’ records are clear? Our trackers can generate optimized routes for your drivers to follow as well as giving full access to your entire vehicle history.

Fleet Trax’s GPS vehicle tracker dispatching software will also give you the ability to communicate with your drivers using 2-way communication through your mobile or smartphone device so you and your drivers can both be up to date on completed jobs, job changes or other unforeseen contingencies.


There are so many moving parts to a fleet operation. As mentioned above, fuel costs, maintenance repairs, and dependable deliveries are crucial to running the most efficient fleet possible. If you do not have a fleet tracking system in place, you simply will not be able to keep up with the ever-growing demands of running a business in this day and age.

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