Geofence Alerts

geofencing for fleet management

One of our platform’s more advanced features is geofencing alerts. Geofencing helps you set up and track territories by drawing a boundary on a map that triggers alerts as vehicles enter and leave. Fleet Trax’s geofencing tools for fleet management can also be used with time stamps so you can view your drivers’ previous activity at any time.

How to Use Geofencing Alerts

With geofencing, you can:

  • Confirm departures and arrivals: Whether entering and existing job sites or tracking time sheets for verification, geofencing alerts can confirm documented departures and arrivals from certain areas as you track your fleet’s whereabouts.
  • Enforce restricted areas: If you have areas set aside where certain personnel are restricted from visiting, simply set up a geofence to track that area and enforce the restriction.
  • Track territories: When you work with fleet vehicles assigned to certain areas, you can set up a geofence that alerts you when territories are encroached upon.
  • Maintain accountability: Many organizations have rules for fleet vehicles use, such as restrictions on home visits and other non-business related uses. Geofencing alerts for fleets help ensure these rules are followed, providing accountability for your drivers while they are on the clock.

Geofences can be used with all of our fleet management tracking devices, too, whether they are hard-wired or plug-and-play.

Discover the Fleet Trax Advantage

At Fleet Trax, we offer comprehensive fleet management software and services for organizations that use a vehicle or multiple vehicles for product and service. Our software includes tools that help make your fleet more efficient, practice preventative maintenance and reduce overall costs related to your operations with NO CONTRACTS whatsoever.

Our geofencing alert system is just one component of a full suite of features that include an open API, diagnostic and tax reporting, driver compliance (including e-log and HOS), route optimization and more. When you choose our fleet management platform, it’s like adding an expert member to your team.

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geofencing alerts for fleets