Integrate Your Fleet’s Fuel Expenses

Our fuel integration cards for fleets work just like a credit card. Receive detailed reports on purchases made by drivers as well as send alerts to your fleet managers/dispatchers in the event of fuel theft. You can also set up driver profiles with different purchase level access based on vehicle tank size and spending habits.

Fuel cards for fleets

Fleet Fuel Card Integration Features:

  • Restricted user access to Merchant Category Codes (MCCs)
  • Assign time-of-day settings that limit purchases and number of transactions
  • Create custom purchase levels PIN number authorizations for each user
  • Group vehicles with similar traits together for fuel expense statistics

Fuel Prices Will Rise Again

Gas prices will eventually go back up in due time. Fuel theft is a serious and ongoing issue for fleet managers across the nation, and being able to identify and prevent these types of incidents will aid your company’s productivity in the long run. our fleet fuel card program will help you prevent fuel theft. ¬†we offer the best fleet fuel cards for your business. Contact us today for more information!

fleet fuel card integration