Fleet Tracking Reports

Fleet tracking reports put a series of reporting tools at your fingertips that are fully customizable and exportable for data collecting purposes. In addition to event reports, you can access, create and customize driver time sheet reports, maintenance reports and more. Here’s a look at all the features available through our fleet reports.

A Powerful Reporting Tool

When you use the fleet manager system, you can generate reports for single units, groups, individual drivers or the entire fleet. This allows you to organize and analyze the real-time information of your fleet which can help your operations save money on the bottom line.

You can create basic reports or take advantage of more advance options to generate a variety of event, location and maintenance reports. The information and data provided in these reports are simple-yet-detailed, and the Fleet Manager system allows you to generate them in just a few clicks.

Our system presets can create reports using a calendar dropdown box for individual days,weeks, months, years or other custom date ranges. You can include the following in any report:

  • Speed and idle figures that help determine if fuel is being wasted
  • State miles for fuel tax compliance
  • Driver timesheet reports that include vehicle assignments, ignition on-and-off time stamps and more
  • Vehicle maintenance reports that outline work what’s been done, when and at what cost

Each of these reports can help you better optimize your fleet and save your organization money on needless expenses. Maintenance reminders, speeding and idle reports and hard braking alerts can help prevent larger and more expensive repairs later on down the road while keeping fuel costs low and making the roads safer for everyone on the road. All of this data is permanently archived in our cloud-based servers and can be exported PDF or CSV files.

About Fleet Trax

At Fleet Trax, we have over 10 years of experience in the GPS industry. We fully understand the challenges in running a large nationwide fleet as well as a small local one,  and it is that knowledge that allows us to provide tracking solutions that help you meet your business’ unique goals. Our fleet tracking reports anticipate your needs and provide the necessary information to help maintain, improve and expand your operations.

Our GPS tracking reports are also available to you under a NO CONTRACT guarantee — we earn your business month-to-month. In addition,  you will be provided with a dedicated account manager who will be your single point of contact to help you with training, troubleshooting and other product purchases.

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