The DOT/FMCSA official rules for EOBR (Electronic On-Board Recorder) compliance will be posted on September 30th of this year.  The mandate’s primary goal is increasing safety by reducing driver fatigue and accidents from extended driving time.  An estimated preventable 20 annual deaths and 434 injuries are expected from the use of EOBRs, as well as $400 million in estimated savings from safety benefits.

E-LOG Guidelines

E-LOGS will be mandatory for drivers using paper logs for 8 days or more out of 30 while on duty. If you are currently using an approved log-keeping device that ISN’T connected electronically to the vehicle, there is an extension to the deadline for conversion to an FMCSA-verified system. Current DOT regulations state that implementation of an HOS log system must be in place when the mandate is finalized.  Non-compliance may result in On-Duty Violation fines of up to $135,000, while new guidelines will impact driver availability, vehicle inspection, roadside HOS log inspection, company CSA scores and as a result insurance rates.

E-LOG Controversy

Some drivers are resistant to widespread use of E-LOG systems for fleets out of apprehension for driver harassment; concerns over available drive time (as verified through the EOBR system) cause driver anxiety in being unable to honestly address potential fatigue issues prior to the expiration of available daily drive time.  This poses a potential safety hazard and undermines the purpose for which EOBR’s are being mandated.  In addressing this, the DOT has communicated a “no tolerance“ policy for driver harassment through E-LOGS and the ability for drivers to file harassment complaints directly.

Harassment Rule Changes

To prevent driver harassment, the DOT has already made these changes to the E-LOG/EOBR policy:

  • Increased civil fines for driver harassment, up to $11,000 each
  • All drivers having increased access to their records
  • A complaint procedure must be in place for drivers
  • E-LOG systems must have a mute ability available
  • Drivers will have complete confidentiality when filing a complaint

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