It’s no secret that companies, corporations and organizations of all sorts rely on vehicle fleets to deliver products and services, but no two fleets are exactly the same. Some rely on massive amounts of the same type of vehicle, while others have a diverse collection of vehicles that employees and even customers use on a regular basis.

So, what exactly is the commercial fleet definition? A commercial fleet is the collection of motor vehicles owned or leased by an organization in pursuit of its business or organizational objectives. What is the fleet vehicle definition? A fleet vehicle is any individual vehicle that helps make up a commercial fleet. Here’s a look at the types of vehicle fleets you might find:


Trucking Fleets: Think about taking a trip on an interstate highway. You’ll see all sorts of trucks, including some that are carrying products for one brand, as well as trucking lines that may be carrying products for a diverse collection of brands. Trucking fleets consist of individual tractors that are carrying trailers.


Delivery Fleets: Now, rather than picturing a trip on an interstate highway, picture driving around your hometown. Do you ever see a UPS or FedEx truck or van that’s being used for local deliveries? Trucking fleets consist of trucks that are used for long-haul shipping regionally or nationwide, whereas delivery fleets consist of vehicles that take goods from transit centers to deliver them locally.


Taxi Cab Fleets: Cab companies have fleets, too, obviously. All those yellow taxis or different-colored cabs are part of corporate fleets that are deployed as service vehicles.


Car Rental Fleets: Hertz, Avis, Budget and other large rental companies own the many vehicles you can rent. These fleets are massive and deployed at airports, body shops and other locations nationwide — strategically placed to ensure you can rent a car when you need it. U-Haul and truck rental companies are similar. They own a fleet of individual trucks you can rent for any purpose, including moving.


Public Utility Fleets: Utility companies use fleets to deliver repair and maintenance services. Think about your local electric company; when there’s intense weather and the power goes out, the company deploys service members who use fleet vehicles.


Commercial Fleets: When you think about the largest fleets in the world, they typically have a variety of vehicle types. It’s not enough to simply own vans or pickups for in-town deliveries, nor enough to have tractor-trailers for long-haul shipping. These large corporations have thousands of vehicles that look different and are used for different tasks each day.

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