Fleet Management Reporting

When your business relies on a fleet for product and service delivery, your vehicles are the lifeblood of your operations. At Fleet Trax, we offer fleet management reporting that allows you to run remote diagnostics, check engine codes, identify maintenance needs and more.

vehicle fleet diagnostics

Vehicle fleet diagnostics lets you monitor the overall health of your vehicles so you can be alerted to any major maintenance issues that may arise. Prevent any mechanical failures and make sure your fleet is in top working order by getting the information you need in an instant. Our diagnostic fleet management reporting is a standard feature that comes with our hard-wired units and plug-and-play devices.

Recognizing Maintenance Needs

Our fleet management reporting offers a detailed dashboard that gives you a visual insight into the well-being of your vehicles. From engine codes to other vehicle maintenance warnings, you can access remote diagnostics information that represents the same statistics you could only get from a mechanic or dealership in the past.

The vehicle maintenance and remote diagnostics ability of our systems also routinely tracks needed services such as oil changes, tire rotations, filter replacements, airbags and more.


Real-Time Fleet Updates and Alerts

Identifying growing issues with specific vehicles or overall fleet health is made even easier by using the data to trigger SMS text or email alerts that is sent to specific personnel so they can immediately attend to the issue at hand.

Fleet Trax‘s fleet management reporting and preventative maintenance can easily extend the life of your vehicles and give you the peace of mind knowing your operations are on track and your drivers safe.

Why Fleet Trax?

Fleet Trax is your go-to source for a full suite of fleet management solutions. Our GPS trackers monitor in real time all that’s going on with your fleet, identifying areas and needs that can save you money over the long-term.

Minimizing overhead is a constant battle when you run a business or organization with a fleet — no matter the fleet’s size. Our specialty is providing the tools and resources to manage your fleet in the most efficient, effective manner possible.

We can help save on fuel, track vehicle locations, create and manage e-logs for state compliance and more. Avoid CSA violations and achieve HOS, FMCSA, AOBRD and DOT compliance when you trust Fleet Trax.

Contact us today about vehicle fleet management reporting and other money-saving services for your business.

Fleet management reporting