Plug In and Stay Compliant with our HOS Log Connection Cable

Our data link cable is an ELD-ready upgrade that lets vehicles become compliant simply by plugging in to your engine connection. The data link cable and our E-Log smartphone app are fully compliant with US and Canadian regulations and is one of the simplest solutions out there.

Data Link Cable Features

Our HOS log connection cable features include:

  • Automation: The engine connection allows for the automatic creation of accurate HOS driver logs.
  • Compatibility: Our ECM connection cable supports a range of ECM protocols and vehicle diagnostic ports.
  • Easy Install: The cable plugs right into a vehicle’s engine connection using a snap-lock mechanism making for fast, safe and secure installation.
  • Usability: The ECM connection cable is portable between any vehicle and any driver in your fleet
  • Paperless: No printer necessary


No More Waiting for Inspections

Our HOS log connection cable used in tandem with our driver log mobile app can help reduce roadside risk and save time by delivering inspection-ready logs for law enforcement and other safety-related inspections. Electronic logging becomes easier┬áthan ever through full engine-connected automation that provides a fully accurate record of your employees’ vehicle drive┬átime, duty status and other records.


Make Any Vehicle Compliant in an Instant

The data cable link’s easy install means you can plug in and make a vehicle compliant within minutes. No matter if it’s leased, a daily rental or your own vehicle, the cable is portable among all your assets.

No More In-Cab Printing

No driver enjoys in-cab printing, and our data link cable and smartphone app can eliminate this tedious task entirely. Display your logs for inspecting officers by using Bluetooth connectivity or send logs via fax, email or remote print when needed.


Contact Us Today

Our compliance solutions are fast and inexpensive, and the small cost of using our systems for your fleet vehicles will benefit you in the long run.

Contact us at (855) 999-7828 or fill out the form below to learn more about our data link cable and other fleet-enhancing tools so you can be compliant by the deadline.