Considering installing a vehicle GPS tracking system into your fleet of trucks?

The benefits of installing a GPS tracking system are numerous and invaluable, but employees’ resistance to GPS is a less-talked about issue that you as a business owner will inevitably encounter. In this article, we will lay out the features and functionality of a vehicle GPS tracking system along with tips for implementing trackers into your fleet without alienating your drivers.

What is a Vehicle GPS Tracking System?

A fleet GPS tracking system uses the Global Positioning System to track a vehicle’s precise location. However, these trackers do more than just show where your vehicles are at any given time.  With a full suite of alerts and vehicle diagnostics, you can micromanage your daily operations and avoid unnecessary fleet costs that add up over time. You can learn more about our tracking systems here.

Key Benefits

Below are some of the many benefits you can expect when using our NO CONTRACT systems.

Save Time and Money

Fuel efficiency and faster deliveries are immediate benefits you can take advantage of with a tracking system in place. Our GPS systems come with route optimization help drivers navigate traffic and find faster routes which will result in more successful deliveries in a day and an ever-improving reputation for your business. GPS tracking systems show your customers shipping progress, delivery status, and job completion confirmations. Being able to track orders and be in constant communication with your drivers makes it easier to troubleshoot problems with your customers.

Installing a GPS tracking system can potentially lower your insurance premiums by up to 30%. Driver behavior can be modified by using driver reports and scorecards that highlight speeding issues and other safety concerns with your fleet, which in turn makes you a lower risk to the insurance companies.

Perhaps one of the most avoidable costs associated with running a fleet is vehicle maintenance, and our diagnostics software can to mileage and usage issues that, if taken care of early on, will save you money on costly fleet repairs and / or having to buy a new vehicle entirely.

Ultimately, vehicle GPS tracking systems help improve your relationships with customers. Happy customers mean more revenue. Those are returns you can give back to your employees in the form of bonuses.

Sounds Great! What’s the Drawback?

In a survey in 2013, about 43% of fleet managers reported a “significant amount” of resistance to installing GPS trackers. Drivers insist having their movements tracked is like their employer saying, “I don’t trust you.”

For this reason, implementing a GPS tracking system needs to be done openly and honestly.

How to Implement a Vehicle GPS Tracking System

Being transparent about your GPS tracking policy will gain the most employee buy-in for your decision.

First, you should write down your policy regarding the tracking system. Explain what it will and will not be used for, and goals you hope to achieve through installing the system. Distribute this to the company along with the outlined benefits of having GPS in your fleet.

Next, discuss these benefits with your employees. Explain how they will directly benefit the drivers, such as increased productivity, ease of delivery, and monetary incentives for them as well. The money you save from the system can be passed on to them through bonuses each month.

Also, explain to your drivers you will not be monitoring their every move every minute of the day, nor would you have the time. While some may be leery, they will come to realize you have too many tasks on your plate to monitor them 24/7.

Ultimately, you want your drivers to follow the rules of the road and make sure they are safe along with everyone else on the road. Statistics show that driver behavior improves when they know they are under surveillance, and the added safety measures GPS systems include can help you significantly reduce accident risk.

We hope this article has helped in your decision to install a GPS tracking system for your fleet. If you have any questions about our fleet tracking systems, please call us at (855) 999-7828 or request a free quote today.

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