The FMCSA’s electronic logging device mandate has officially been upheld in court, which means commercial vehicle fleets will still need to be compliant by December 18th, 2017 or run the risk of steep penalties and fines — many of which could put an entire fleet out of business.

Unanimous Decision

The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals was in unanimous favor to keep the FMCSA’s ELD mandate in effect. The details behind the ruling state that the Court of Appeals decided the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) was not able to prove their arguments against the ELD mandate which included no protection against harassment, violation of 4th amendment rights and driver privacy not being protected.


Your E-Logs Must be FMCSA Certified

After the final ELD rule was published earlier this year, the FMCSA started allowing E-Log manufacturers to register and certify that their E-Log products meet the specifications necessary to be ELD compliant. The FMCSA has recently taken a more active role in authenticating the compliance of ELD devices from different GPS tracking companies, and even though there are many E-log providers out there that claim you will be ELD compliant, the truth is if they are not FMCSA certified your fleet will still be subject to the penalties associated with the mandate.


We Can Help

With our FMCSA-certified E-logs, we can protect your drivers and safety score without question. Many fleet managers have been indecisive about becoming ELD compliant with all the holdups and uncertainties with the deadline, but the reality now is that a majority of CMV drivers MUST have E-logs by December 18th, 2017.

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