GPS is not just specifically for navigation or fleet tracking. There are already a variety uses for GPS systems, and as the technology continues to grow, so does the manner in which we use it.

Keeping the Beach Safe from Sharks

Ever since the debut of the movie “Jaws” in 1975, beachgoers have been in constant dread of being eaten alive by a great white. In reality shark attacks are actually quite rare, but nonetheless they still happen. In an effort to ease peoples’ fear, an organization called OCEARCH has tagged 50+ big sharks with GPS trackers so they can know their exact whereabouts in real time. If a shark starts getting close to shore, lifeguards on duty are notified so they can get everyone out of the water safely. The OCEARCH website has a feature that allows you to observe the location and movements of sharks all across the world.

Locating Stolen Prescription Drugs

With the number of pharmacy robberies increasing over the last few years, authorities have devised a plan to place GPS tracking devices in painkiller bottles so they can track the criminals and apprehend them. The bottles themselves are constructed so that they weigh appropriately and rattle when shaken, and when the bottle is lifted from its special base, the tracking device begins to emit a signal. These bottles are already being used in pharmacies across the country and are a cost-effective way to battle these types of crimes.

Monitoring People with Dementia

Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia are becoming an epidemic among the elderly. Many retirement homes are understaffed and have enough trouble trying to take care of their patients with these conditions, so now certain institutions are using a type of concealed GPS technology manufactured by GPS SmartSoles. This footwear gives the faculty the ability to track the patients’ location as well as set geofence boundaries in case they wander from the premises.

School Uniforms

Similar to GPS monitoring in retirement homes, parents in the UK are now keeping tabs on their kids with tracking devices embedded into their school uniforms. This application of GPS is being employed so parents can make sure their children are attending school as well as seeing where they go once they are let out for the day. The school administration will also have access to this data so they can make sure students are in class and not trying to leave early.

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