Managing truck fleets is no easy task.  Drivers, packers, loaders and vendors all rely on you to keep the operation running smoothly.

When it doesn’t, money is lost along with customers and employees, which is why having a GPS system in place is so important.

Let’s take a quick look the 3 top challenges fleets and how a tracking system addresses them.

1. Productivity

It is incredibly difficult to implement productivity improvement strategies within a large fleet without the necessary data to see where your drivers are going and how they are driving. If you do not have some form of monitoring system in place, most of your drivers’ activity is off the record and out of your control.

This is not in any way to suggest your drivers are not out there doing a decent job. But without the ability to track vehicles in real time and modify their driving behavior, you are unable to identify crucial areas for improvement.

With Fleet Trax, you can:

  • Improve your customer service by making more delivery stops in a day
  • Reduce unnecessary costs such as fuel consumption and maintenance
  • Improve driver safety by making sure they follow the speed limit and other rules of the road
  • Coach drivers who may be wasting company time or resources with undocumented side trips

When you know where your trucks are and what they are doing, you can better plan and manage the entire operation. This not only improves your workflow but also your company’s reputation as a whole.

Running a refined and efficient fleet creates a business environment that is:

  • Better for morale
  • Better for ownership
  • Better for vendors
  • Better for customers
  • Better for everyone

These productivity improvements ultimately add up to big savings. One study showed that fleets could save 10% on fuel alone simply by modifying driver routes, reducing idling engines and eliminating unauthorized driver side trips entirely.

That’s around $2500 per year per truck for the average fleet. By using our tracking systems, you can achieve these savings and more by utilizing all of the features our interface provides.

2. Logistics

With fluctuating fuel prices and hourly wages, getting from point A to B in the least amount of time is dependent on consistent communication with your drivers and choosing the smartest route for them to navigate.

Fleet monitoring helps us do both.

Through GPS technology and dispatching we can:

  • Help our drivers avoid traffic jams and road hazards that delay delivery times
  • Instantly inform your drivers of any job changes using 2-way messaging
  • Add unique notes or instructions for the current job at hand

Dispatching solutions can ensure your drivers never end up off-route or become compromised by last-minute job changes. With Fleet Trax, you can streamline the routing process and rest assured your drivers are on task at all times.

3. Driver Safety

Keeping your drivers safe as well as everyone else on the road is of the utmost importance. From a productivity standpoint, accident prevention reduces downtime due to injuries, repairs or missing vehicles in addition to reducing workers’ comp claims.

With fleet monitoring, you can set alerts to notify you if your drivers are speeding, braking hard or taking turns too fast. Features such as driver report cards can help you determine what types of disciplinary actions need to be taken to reform your employees’ driving habits.

With GPS tracking you can:

  • View your driver’s vehicle history
  • Know when drivers arrive and leave their destination
  • Receive driver behavior alerts through text or email

Identifying bad driving habits gives you the chance to address the issues before they become a standard problem.

In the event an accident does happen, dispatch will know exactly where the vehicle is. They can then notify local authorities to get help to the driver and others involved in the shortest time possible.

Fleet Monitoring Made Easy

Fleet monitoring improves productivity, logistics, driver safety and so much more.

If you would like to know more about how fleet monitoring can help you run a more efficient operation, get a free quote today or call us at (855) 999-7828 to schedule a demo of our systems.

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