Vehicle Trucking Route Dispatch Software

Fleet Trax Trucking Dispatch Software helps you optimize your fleet in an easy, efficient, cost-effective manner. In our 10 years of experience, Fleet Trax has become a leading software solution for fleet managers. Our trucking dispatch software lets you optimize your routes as well as your loading strategies, improve your operations and increase driver accountability. Our route optimization programs provide real time tracking of vehicles and employees.

Our fleet management solutions improve your productivity and keeps drivers efficient and on task while decreasing the costs associated with operating a vehicle fleet.

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Our Vehicle Dispatch Software Improves Compliance

As federal trucking regulations become more stringent, software tracking will become even more necessary to remain compliant and avoid costly penalties and fines. By Dec. 18 of next year, all commercial vehicle fleets must be E-Log compliant. Otherwise they could face costly CSA sanctions.

At Fleet Trax, we provide trucking dispatch software for:

  • Auto transport haulers
  • Combination carriers/brokers
  • Freight brokers
  • LTL for-hire carriers
  • Motor coach operators
  • Private fleets
  • Truckload carriers
  • 3PLs

What Makes Our Software Solutions Different?

Many companies rely upon our vehicle dispatch software. Our route optimization software will help your company increase efficiency and profits by:

  • Reducing load times by showing you optimal loading patterns.
  • Reducing fleet miles and costs by optimizing daily routes.
  • Remaining compliant with today’s ever-changing regulations

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Call or contact us online to schedule a free consultation and demonstration of our software. The friendly, knowledgeable professionals at Fleet Trax can help you find the best software solutions to help optimize your route dispatch. We also provide our customers with free training, technical support and continued software upgrades as they need them. We look forward to helping your company grow and prosper.