Vehicle Equipment Preventative Maintenance Software

One of the best ways to keep your trucks operating safely is to use vehicle preventative maintenance software to send you alerts when certain jobs need to be done. It’s hard to stay on top of everything otherwise, and crucial details are often overlooked. This can lead to:

  • Expensive breakdowns
  • Accidents, and
  • Trucks that do not pass inspection.

With our equipment maintenance software for safety managers, though, you can get alerts when the tire pressure is low, for example. You can get an alert when it’s time for an oil change. Things like this are easy to program in and they help you schedule out the proper maintenance so that the trucks are always in excellent condition.

Miles Driven and Driving Styles

Our vehicle preventative maintenance software can do even more than just giving you alerts on set timeframes. The GPS system can also give you exact information about how many miles your truck has been driven, without any margin of error. As you know, the age of the truck doesn’t matter nearly as much as the ground that it has covered.

On top of that, the equipment maintenance software for safety managers and the GPS systems that we provide can tell you how your drivers are using the vehicles. If a driver is constantly speeding or leaving the truck in idle for long periods of time, you know more about what to expect in terms of wear and tear. If he or she is constantly triggering the hard braking alerts, you know to check on the brake pads before they wear through to the rotors.

These are just a few examples, but you can see how having massively detailed information at your fingertips can help you plan things out properly.

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