Top GPS Vehicle Tracking Management

Today there are more than 12,000 companies that rely on Fleet Trax to help improve their operations. We are known for having one of the top GPS vehicle tracking systems in the industry. You wouldn’t simply call Fleet Trax a fleet tracking company because our capabilities go beyond just knowing where your vehicles are. If what you need is one of the top fleet management systems, the search stops here.

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See and Feel the Fleet Trax Difference

When you decide to implement one of our top vehicle tracking systems it won’t be long before you notice a change for the better.

  • Our top GPS vehicle tracking systems programs are designed as part of a modular platform. You can integrate as much or as little into one working area.
  • As a GPS fleet management company, we want to help you meet regulations. All of our E-logs are FMCSA-certified to keep you and your crew protected against CSA penalties and fines.
  • Take a 30-day spin for free when you try our E-log software. For all other systems, let us know what you want to see in action and we will arrange for a free demo.

Remember: Fleet Trax team members will never try to force you into a contract. We take pleasure in the fact that our customers have the freedom to choose us month after month. There is no risk and no worry when you work with Fleet Trax.

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Start Keeping Track Now

Before you contact any other fleet tracking company, contact Fleet Trax to find out how to make the whole package work for you. Our top GPS vehicle tracking systems are only one part of a whole solution. Let us know about your company goals and we will help you meet them. Contact Fleet Trax today.