Real Time GPS Vehicle Tracking

Know where your fleet is at all times with a real time GPS vehicle tracking system. Our real time tracking device will keep you ahead of the game by providing you with the most updated information concerning the location and condition of your fleet. Take the stress out of wondering where your fleet is and let our state of the art technology do the work for you.

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The Benefits of Your New Real Time GPS Tracking System

For more than 10 years, we have been there to support our clients with solutions to vehicle tracking. Installing your real time GPS vehicle tracking system is an easy and efficient process that will provide you peace of mind while your fleet is mobile. Enjoy the following benefits with our real time vehicle tracking devices:

  • Real time tracking and historical reports that include both real-time location and historical movements of vehicles, color coded vehicle status alerts, idling times, and even employee off-hour usage.
  • The highest quality of coverage and communication through Global Communications satellite coverage and instant alerts by text message or email to inform you of the status of your fleet.
  • Cost effective for the operation of a remote fleet, resulting in a decrease in expenses and an increase in profits.
  • Receive free training and technical support, a lifetime of software updates, the fastest web-interface speed in the industry.
  • Our vehicle tracking device package can be scaled to your needs. If you have a fleet of two vehicles or 200, we can provide you with the best real time GPS tracking solutions to meet your needs.

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Find Out What Vehicle Tracking Can Do for You

Why wait any longer to outfit your fleet with a real time GPS vehicle tracking system? Reach out to our team today to find out how best we can serve you and your fleet. Call to schedule a demo and see first-hand what our real time vehicle tracking device can do for you!